Atmospheric Action RPG Unsouled Announced

PQube and developer Jinsub Jung are excited to reveal his one-man-project Unsouled today. A deep and melancholic story told in between intense and highly-stylized combat, which is set in an atmospheric, destructible 3D pixel-art world, is coming to PC in Spring 2020. A man and a woman – both human, both with the monstrous ability to absorb the souls of the dead. Their power gives them choice. Choice to subjugate the weak or to protect them, choice to destroy or to create, choice to rule or serve. Fighting the creatures that are trying to stop you on your journey is … Continue reading Atmospheric Action RPG Unsouled Announced

Gun Pixies Get New Gameplay Trailer

PQube and developer Compile Heart are excited to share a new trailer for Gun Gun Pixies today! It showcases gameplay of the crazy Japanese third-person-shooter, landing in Europe physically and digitally for Nintendo Switch on September 6th! The game is out digitally in North America on September 10th and physically on November 1st. The PC/Steam version of Gun Gun Pixies will also be available worldwide on November 1st. The new trailer introduces the two Pixies Bee-tan and Kame-pon as they are investigating the rooms of the women’s dormitory to find out about human behaviour. Although the cute residents are present … Continue reading Gun Pixies Get New Gameplay Trailer

PlataGO! Platform Game Maker Hits Switch and Steam

PQube and developer Super Icon are excited to release PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker today! Create levels and whole games in a breath, upload them and try out your friend’s on Nintendo Switch or PC/Steam. The game maker comes with all tools you need to start designing, as well as the winning creations of the Steam Early Access Community Contest from earlier this year, including a mini-RPG, super-hard gauntlets and more! PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker in now available on Steam and the Nintendo eShop! Publishers: PQube Developers: Super Icon Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Steam

Worldend Syndrome Sneaks Onto Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

Today, Arc System Works and PQube are excited to release WORLDEND SYNDROME in Europe for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4! The romantic mystery visual novel takes players on an unforgettable trip to picturesque Mihate Town where they meet a gorgeous cast, designed by BLAZBLUE lead artist Yuki Kato. Visual novel fans picking up the game in stores or pre-ordered the physical version get the Day One Edition, including a high quality artbook – exclusive to Europe! Publishers: PQube Developers: ARC System Works Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Arcade Spirits Heads to PAX East With New Trailer

PQube and developer Fiction Factory Games announce their presence at PAX East and the Indie MEGABOOTH with a new trailer for Arcade Spirits! The predominantly positive feedback from both players and press is a heartwarming confirmation, that there is a demand for games with an inclusive nature. If you would like to visit the developers at PAX East, you can find them all event at booth number 11010 and on Saturday and Sunday at Minibooth number 18070! “Since the beginning of the project, it was always important to us to not rub the inclusive aspect into people’s faces” says Stefan … Continue reading Arcade Spirits Heads to PAX East With New Trailer

Romantic Song of Memories Comes to PlayStation

Today, Future Tech Lab and PQube release a twisted love story with Song of Memories on PlayStation 4. The romantic visual novel and its dark turnaround are an innovative and unique take on the genre that makes players meet their soulmate in the middle of an apocalyptic virus outbreak. Can you save the ones closest to you or will all your endeavors be in vain? Apart from the Standard Edition, PQube and the developers partnered with Rice Digital to offer fans the Song of Memories Encore Edition. The collector’s dream come true includes an art book, the four disc soundtrack … Continue reading Romantic Song of Memories Comes to PlayStation

Song of Memories Romantic Visual Novel Gets PlayStation 4 Release Date

Today, PQube announces the release date of the romantic visual novel Song of Memories on PlayStation 4. The love story that turned the Japanese genre upside down with its surprising twist releases worldwide on February 1st. While the PlayStation 4 version and the special Encore Edition are confirmed, we regrettably had to cancel the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Unfortunately, Song of Memories can’t be brought to a functioning level of quality our fans demand on the Switch due to development complications. A romantic visual novel with a dark and sinister underbelly, Song Of Memories is an adventure that … Continue reading Song of Memories Romantic Visual Novel Gets PlayStation 4 Release Date

Unique STAY Adventure Ships to PlayStation and Switch

Today, PQube and developer Appnormals Team are excited to release the atmospheric adventure STAY worldwide for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. With numerous awards and nominations under its pixelated belt, STAY staggers players with a stirring experience where every choice matters. Including a 20 percent launch discount for one week from now, this is the perfect opportunity to pick up the story-driven thriller in the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Network. Developed by award-winning Spanish indie studio Appnormals Team, STAY is an innovative real-time pixel-adventure where every second counts. Abducted and alone, main character Quinn wakes up alone in a locked … Continue reading Unique STAY Adventure Ships to PlayStation and Switch

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