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Hey all I’m back with another Visual Novel review. It’s Raging Loop!

Plot: The plot is very much like other “werewolf” styled games that are out on the market like Danganronpa, although it’s much more serious and frankly much more disturbing. You basically have to figure out who the killer is before falling victim to them.

If you are at all familiar with the term “Yandere” you’ll understand what sort of things can occur in a game like Raging Loop. Here’s TV Trope’s definition of a Yandere for those unfamiliar “Simply put, a yandere is someone who is lovesick; someone who has been driven to insanity by extreme obsession or love, thus resulting in abnormal behavior if not violence.

Take the Tropes Love Makes You CrazyLove Makes You EvilLove Hungry and Stalker with a Crush, turn them all Up to Eleven, and condense everything into a singular personified character archetype. And then use that archetype as the basis for the killer type character working against everyone else trapped inside the town and you have the general idea behind Raging Loop.

So yeah, if you were expecting a nice romantic visual novel, or even a just a nice and relaxing Slice of Life one, you are not going to find that in Raging Loop. Expect lots of blood, gore and horror. Frankly it’s really not my cup of tea, one of these days I hope I’ll get a good Visual Novel to review that doesn’t trip one of my many “avoid like the plague” buttons.

Gameplay: This is a standard Visual Novel, although there is an enforced route order to start it off. That will change later on, but it’s a major plot point for the main character Haruaki.

Characters: Take any mystery or horror plot device and you’ll most likely find it in Raging Loop. I won’t get into the cast too much, but I really didn’t like any of the characters all that much except perhaps just one who I’ll leave unnamed, and it isn’t Haruaki or Chiemi.

Art: The art is pretty good, although I’ve seen better in other Visual Novels this still did a pretty darn good job at really getting the story across.

Step into the world of Raging Loop with a copy from Amazon…if you dare!

Music: The music and the voice acting did pretty well, but it wasn’t enough for me to really enjoy the story.

Overall: For horror and mystery fans, or even just fans of Danganronpa, they’ll love Raging Loop. The rest of us might wish to steer clear of it though just to avoid nightmares. The horror is really well done here, so know that going into this disturbing setting.

For those who don’t like: Horror, Mystery, Visual Novels, Danganronpa.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

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