Reasons Why PlayStation is winning the Console War

A stiff competition among the gaming console makers of the biggest gaming companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo has been going on for years. This intensity has been going on very strong since the 90s.

But even though there are quite a number of console companies only one has emerged to be the winner of this generation.

The PlayStation 4 has been all hands on deck outperforming its competitors. Nintendo Switch has generated a whopping 19 million sales in the last year. But it has failed to match a staggering 76 million consoles distributed by PlayStation.

But one would wonder what really happened to the Xbox 360. Isn’t it the Xbox One supposed to be at the top? But surprisingly PlayStation is actually winning the console war. And it seems like PS is on the wheel when it comes to offering amazing games just like best payouts online casinos. Here are some of the reason why they are winning this stiff battle.

User Interface

There has been a huge outrage when it comes to Xbox One user interface. The interface encompass a lot of confusion and most players have turned to look for another alternative.

On the other hand, the PlayStation has managed to advocate the simplicity of creativity. The PlayStation home screen is actually easy to use. To a naked eye, it is a little thing. But sometimes, little things can actually go a very long way.

Real Exclusives

To be very honest, when it comes to gaming exclusives are the biggest factor why the PlayStation 4 has been very popular since it was introduced to the market.

The Xbox carries titles such as Gears of War, Sea of Thieves and Quantum Break. But when it comes to the PlayStation there is a wide range of exclusive including sports betting games. With the PS4, you can enjoy great titles such as The Last of Us, Spider-Man, God of War, Metal Gear, Death Stranding, Shadow of the Colossus, Uncharted, Resident Evil, Day Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last Guardian.

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