Good Gaming In a Land of Garbage

Daedalic Entertainment has been one of my personal favorite creators of point and click adventure genre games due to their style of sarcastic humor and double meaning jokes. Once Deponia was tossed over to me, I was anxious to crack open the game and go on another adventure. I was curious though if Daedalic could match their GiN award nominated game from last year.

Well, it happened. Deponia has an odd premise to it in the fact you live in a land of trash. Of course the way you learn this is through a very well done opening song that is becoming more of a standard other games need to try to match.

Nevertheless, the environment is literally a world of garbage. The best way I can describe it is either a local landfill or my first apartment. Either way it’s all disposed-of items as far as the eye can see. You get to meet your main character, Rufus, as he tries to escape the city of Deponia.

Once the initial cutscene is complete then you get your first couple of items to find. I started to look around and I must say that Deponia is one of the most challenging point and clicks I’ve ever played. Which led to my only flaw with this title, no form of help.

I know what many of you are saying. ‘If you are good, you don’t need a help button.’ True, however these games are a second nature to me now after reviewing so many of them for GiN, and I even got stuck a few times. For a casual gamer, there will come a point where they WILL need assistance, and it’s not there. So they have been warned.

The positives though, far outweigh the negatives. Graphics in this game are what you would expect with a nicely drawn cartoon-like atmosphere. Despite having the cartoon style, there are plenty of details that are placed perfectly in the scenery.

Audio in Deponia is only the best. All of the voice acting is well done and the characters have their own unique identity. Music is absolutely amazing in this game and really blends in well with the pace of Deponia.

With a second installment in the series (Chaos On Deponia) this is one game to add to your buy list. Consistency is hard to find in this industry, yet Daedalic has it nailed down quite well and are able to deliver another great title for your enjoyment. Deponia gets a solid 4.5 GiN gems from me, and keep an eye out for their new titles coming soon, especially within this interesting series.

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