Edna And Harvey: The Puzzle Coming To iPad

The Hamburg-based studio Daedalic, together with the developer Chromatrix, will release Deponia – The Puzzle and Edna & Harvey – The Puzzle for iPads and Android tablets. Both games will be available on the App Store on May 28th and on Google Play and on the Amazon App Store on June 12th. The cult adventures return as mobile puzzle fun and provide a genuine Daedalic feeling. With each game offering 96 puzzles of favorite background themes from the Deponia trilogy and the Edna & Harvey series, long-term puzzle fun is guaranteed. Three different modes are available in the single-player version. … Continue reading Edna And Harvey: The Puzzle Coming To iPad

Untold Legends March To PC

The Blackguards story continues on March 4th. The new DLC, Untold Legends, will offer exciting new battles, additional quests and new story elements, taking the adventure even further. The the same day, Daedalic plans to release an important update for the original Blackguards game, which will bring important balancing improvements. Untold Legends sheds new light on the background and heritage of Takate, the former slave and arena fighter, who joins the player’s party in Chapter 2 of the original Blackguards. Takate’s home is in the foothills of the rainforests in Southern Aventuria, where most of the native people of the … Continue reading Untold Legends March To PC

Blackguards Chapter 4 Sneak Peek Available

Early Access allows players to play the first chapters of Blackguards months before the official release and to have a chance to influence the development process through their feedback based on pre-release builds. Blackguards will be published chapter by chapter while in Early Access. As of now, the first three parts of the game are available. All five chapters will be made available in the upcoming weeks. Daedalic Entertainment offers several packages for interested Early Access participants. In all cases, players will secure access to the final version of Blackguards by paying a lower price compared to purchasing the game … Continue reading Blackguards Chapter 4 Sneak Peek Available

Memoria Teaser

Be prepared for an adventurous summer! Daedalic Entertainment’s new point & click adventure game Memoria takes you straight to the fantastic realm of Aventuria. The story has a mind-bending twist as it asks you to reconsider what we mean by history, by fame and even by memory. Recently the teaser was unveiled. The video features the spirited princess Sadja, a great warrior seeking great renown, and whose enigmatic fate is lost to the ages. A new adventurer will come to retell her epic story as he spins one of his own. Developers: Daedalic Entertainment Platforms: PC

The Night Of The Rabbit

What if magic truly did exist? Daedalic Entertainment presents a new trailer for its upcoming adventure game The Night of the Rabbit, and aims to answer this very question. The trailer also showcases the game’s stunning hand-drawn art and introduces you to a magical story full of twists and turns where nothing is as it seems. Dive into a new tale of magic and wonder where only courage and skill will help young Jerry Hazelnut in his quest to become a real magician and uncover the sinister mysteries of Mousewood. Developers: Daedalic Entertainment Platforms: PC

Deponia Trilogy Ending With Third Game

The game’s title says it all, doesn’t it? "Goodbye Deponia" is the final game in one of Daedalic Entertainment’s adventure masterpieces – the Deponia trilogy. After conquering the hearts of gamers and the charts around the world, this beloved series is coming to a close and with it, the story of Rufus, a comic character who stumbles through life with clarity of purpose, but a poor grasp of everything else. After two unbelievable adventures, Rufus and his beloved Goal finally have their target in reach. They will find a way to Elysium and save Deponia from certain destruction. But in … Continue reading Deponia Trilogy Ending With Third Game

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