Getting Caught in the Web of the Free Ghostwire: Tokyo Spider’s Thread DLC

Ghostwire: Tokyo Spider’s
Thread DLC
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Hey all, I’m back with a mini-review for a DLC on a great title I covered last year that just released a free update for all players with actual story content. It’s about the Ghostwire: Tokyo Spider’s Thread update.

Editor’s Note: Check  out our full Ghostwire: Tokyo review.

According to developer Tango Gameworks, the update includes multiple single-player content additions to Ghostwire: Tokyo, including a new game mode, added combat abilities, new side missions, enhanced Photo Mode features, and new enemies derived from urban legend. There are also quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

Plot: I’m going to be featuring this DLC review around two of those main additions to the game. First, there are a few side quests added into the main story mode which are accessed like normal by loading up your save game. So you will need to have a save game on your system to play from.

But the biggest draw is the second feature, the Spider’s Thread mode, which is accessed through the main menu once it is unlocked (which shouldn’t take a new player all that long). It’s a procedurally generated set of 30 floors that the player runs through gauntlet style in order to destroy a tsuchigumo, or spider yokai at the bottom. And there are a lot of monsters between you and that spider yokai, so expect a lot of combat before you even get to that final battle.

The new content in the story mode is centered mostly on a middle school where the paranormal research club messed something up, and now the school is haunted with the spider monster. It’s an extremely creepy side quest, so those of you who don’t like horror titles or games with big creepy spiders in them should probably avoid going to the main area of the new DLC. However, those who do like horror will probably enjoy the new content. Just know that it leans heavily into creepy and scary territory.

Gameplay: Thankfully as I had gotten 100% in Ghostwire: Tokyo last year while I was reviewing it, and mostly this delay was to give me time to ponder how to write that review, I had a really broken item that you get for doing so, that allows you to use your attacks as long as you want with infinite ammo. Given that the three main spells now have a new secondary ability that the player can channel, though it consumes ammo to continue, it made any fights ridiculously easy. Most of the baddies in the title lose to a flamethrower with infinite ammo, who knew?

In the Spider’s Thread DLC, I did lose access to that equipment, which was a tad annoying. I worked hard for my cheat power, darn it! Regardless, if the player dies during Spider Thread run, they restart from the beginning, but they keep all of their skill progress. And as they continue to play, they can keep more and more money and equipment after each failure.

If you enjoyed Ghostwire: Tokyo and were looking for more to do with it, then the free Spider’s Thread DLC is a really nice gift from the developer. So long as you still have either Ghostwire: Tokyo or a save file on your system or console, there is no reason not to enjoy this free and sometimes scary new addition.

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