A Depressingly Pleasing Visual Novel in Steins;Gate 0

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Hey all I’m back with another Visual Novel to review. It’s Steins;Gate 0!

Plot Synopsis: The series takes place at the end of the original Steins;Gate, set in the Beta worldline. After failing to prevent the death of Makise Kurisu after inadvertently killing her himself, Okabe Rintaro falls into depression and refuses to travel into the past any further to once again try to save Kurisu and prevent World War 3 from occurring…

Plot: This entire game is just one giant mass of depression. It takes Okabe and just destroys him utterly as a person. He’s a walking shell and the entire game is him trying, or not, to live a life in a world he doesn’t care at all about. I honestly had to take a couple weeks break from playing this game because of how depressing it got.

Characters: We get to meet newcomers to the series, although people who have read the Epigraph trilogy will recognize a couple faces. However, the real focus is always on Okabe, and while the various routes go through various side characters stories he’s always at the center of it. Maho was a fun addition to the cast, but she didn’t detract enough from the depressing nature of the story.

Art: The art is great, it’s a Visual Novel so don’t go expecting amazing 3D cutscenes or anything, but the art was very fitting in such a depressing story.

Music: The music was just as fitting, if also very depressing. You should be seeing a pattern by now.

Overall: If you have sound mental health and loved the original Steins;Gate, 0 will be a wonderful addition to the Science Adventure series. But if you don’t have both of those together, I would highly advise against playing this game, as you will be experiencing a very depressing story.

For those who like: Visual Novels, Steins;Gate, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Drama, Great Artwork, Awesome Music.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, or a really depressing game.

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