Bookish Wednesday: Work Experience by Christopher G. Nuttall

Michael Blaker
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This week for Bookish Wednesday I’m covering the fourth entry in the Schooled in Magic series. It’s Work Experience by Christopher G. Nuttall!

Plot Synopsis:n the summer between Second and Third Year at Whitehall, Emily accompanies Lady Barb on her rounds of the Cairngorm Mountains bringing magical help to the locals and searching for new magicians. For Emily, tired and broken after the events of Study In Slaughter, it should be a chance to relax as well as a visit to a new part of the Nameless World, to put her responsibilities aside and just be herself.

Plot: The plot is pretty good, and we finally get to see a new side of Lady Barb, someone who is increasingly becoming a more central figure in the series. That being said this wasn’t the best entry in the series thus far, I think that honor lies with Lessons in Etiquette.

Characters: We don’t really get introduced to any new people in this latest entry, which is a pity. That being said we get to see Lady Barb and Emily bond, which is nice.

Overall: A good entry in the series, but not the best.

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