Kung Fu-tastic

Blade and Sword takes the extremely popular top-down Diablo-style gameplay to new levels. And while Blade and Sword will surely remind you of countless other similar titles, it will also become a unique favorite of players who like this type of gaming. This action RPG takes place in ancient China, and is heavy with unique martial arts moves from that country. You can play one of three different characters, each with a different emphasis. One is more stealthy and quick, one is strong and powerful and one is kind of the middle of the road knight-type warrior. Blade and Sword … Continue reading Kung Fu-tastic

RC Cars hits the right frequency

My next door neighbors gave their three boys RC cars for Christmas. I know this because they were all outside on Christmas day driving RC trucks and cars all along the lawn. They seemed to be having a great time, but after a while they said they were too cold to keep playing. Even though the cars were ready to tackle the winter weather, the kids could only take so much. The RC Cars game smartly takes advantage of the humongous popularity of these devices. The RC by the way stands for radio-controlled, just in case you didn’t know. But … Continue reading RC Cars hits the right frequency

Postal 2 Kicks Butt

Many people probably remember when the original Postal came out a few years back. The little 2D top-down shooter had everyone in a tizzy because it featured a guy who basically "went postal" and decided to go around town mowing everyone down in a hail of gunfire, napalm and whatever else happened to be handy. Although the graphics for the original looked like something circa Atari 2600, the sheer violence got the game a lot of press and quite a few enemies. As the sequel to one of the most controversial games of all time, you probably know what to … Continue reading Postal 2 Kicks Butt