SWAT Hits the Spot

In the year 2018 a new breed of officer is needed to battle crisis on a global scale. As officer Kincaid, players will be put in charge of a team for the new SWAT Global strike Team. Starting in basic training, players will learn that this is not all fun and games and the job you are preparing for is a very serious one with deadly repercussions should you or any of your team fail. With 21 Solo Play missions and 10 Multiplay missions, the need for team cohesion is vital. SWAT has a dynamic voice system that allows players … Continue reading SWAT Hits the Spot

Cancelled show lives on

I always had a soft spot for Futurama when Fox was still airing it. Though the show was primarily known as just being Matt Groening’s other series, many people including myself fell in love with the show’s mix of science fiction parody, laugh-out loud funny dialogue, and the sheer stupidity of the show’s main character Fry. Unfortunately, Fox didn’t support the show as much as it supported that other Matt Groening show, so now Futurama fans have had to look for other places for their Futurama fix, and now TNT and Cartoon Network’s reruns of the series aren’t their only … Continue reading Cancelled show lives on

Not Galactica 1980

By the time this review is up, the Sci Fi channel will be debuting their "re-imaging" of the Battlestar Galactica franchise. Fans of the original 1978 series are already screaming "foul" with some of the changes, most notably the decision to make Starbuck a female. Everyone remembers Starbuck as a cigar-chomping, womanizing hot shot pilot, but from what I have seen in the previews, BG 2003 looks like it deserves a chance. Even the "new" Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) is saying "deal with it." While the backlash from the fanboys might be rapid they should keep in mind that it could … Continue reading Not Galactica 1980

Beautiful Barbie

If you haven’t been paying attention, the Barbie doll that you grew up with has been branching into new areas of late. This beautiful doll has now developed a personality of her own and has recently been found expressing herself in the form of classic fairy tales and Tchaikovsky ballets including Barbie as Rapunzel, Barbie in The Nutcracker and most recently Barbie of Swan Lake. All of these were released in a video format but, being a woman of the 21ST centaury, Barbie has also begun to make her mark on gaming industry with related CD-ROM releases. The Barbie of … Continue reading Beautiful Barbie

Grand Theft Auto: Springfield

I love the Simpsons. Very seldom do I watch network television these days, but the Simpsons has always been a tradition for me. I even watch it at work when I am closing up for the night, and I even have my own favorite episodes in mind (Some of my favorite episodes include Cape Fear, featuring Sideshow Bob’s ordeal with the rakes, and Bart Sells His Soul, where we hear the sissified Todd Flanders yell out "Ow, my freaking ears!"). On the other hand, I also love the GTA series. Whether it is the open ended gameplay, the engrossing storyline, … Continue reading Grand Theft Auto: Springfield

Lionheart Has Lots of Heart

Depending on your point of view, Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader is either a thinking-man’s Diablo, or an action gamer’s version of Baldur’s Gate. Lionheart is an RPG that places you in Europe in 1588. Historically speaking, many things look as they should in Barcelona, where you spend much of this single-player adventure. Even the Spanish Armada is getting ready to invade England out in the harbor. But the coolest aspect of this RPG is that it is an alternate history setting, so lots of things are different too. The main difference between the Lionheart world of 1588 and the … Continue reading Lionheart Has Lots of Heart

Mace Marries Shooters and Space Flight

In the deep recesses of space, a man has come looking for answers and seeking revenge. The man is Mace Griffin, a former member of the elite Ranger squadron has just returned from prison after being framed for the loss of his team ten years earlier. Mace takes work as a bounty hunter in an effort to gain information on who has set him up. The game unfolds in a series of missions that are punctuated by cut scenes as missions are assigned at various locations such as space stations that are teaming with activity. Innovatively blending the action of … Continue reading Mace Marries Shooters and Space Flight

Dark Age of Camelot Shines

Ever had the overwhelming desire to wield a sword or cast those magic spells that you have used in the pencil and paper Dungeons and Dragons games? Or just wanted to experience life in those mythical times? Then Mythic Entertainment’s Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) may be the game for you. The latest entrant into the rapidly growing number of MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing games – impressive title huh?) lets you, and a couple of hundred of your closest friends experience life in Realms of legend. Combining Norse and Celtic Mythology with the legends of King Arthur and … Continue reading Dark Age of Camelot Shines

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