Gamescom: Sony Gives PS4 November Release Date, Slashes PS3 Price

Like they did at the E3 Expo trade show, Sony is taking Gamescom by storm with a slew of announcements that rocked the boat before the European trade show could even begin. The biggest one is that the PlayStation 4 will be released in the United States on November 15th and in Europe on November 29th, well before the holiday season, and sooner than most people expected. The move will likely help Sony to continue to make gains against Microsoft’s Xbox One by letting the PS4 hit the ground running. The PS4 will have a large number of launch titles, … Continue reading Gamescom: Sony Gives PS4 November Release Date, Slashes PS3 Price

Wheel Of Fortune Cubed Now Available

Sony Pictures Television has launched Wheel of Fortune: Cubed, which provides a fresh, captivating way for fans and players of all ages to enjoy a unique new version of the classic game. Wheel of Fortune: Cubed transforms the Wheel of Fortune game board into a 5×5 word cube, creating thousands of intriguing word combinations that provide plenty of puzzle solving fun. "Wheel of Fortune: Cubed brings an innovative and fun new twist to playing Wheel," said Harry Friedman, Executive Producer of Wheel of Fortune. "Mobile gaming has become a fantastic way to enhance the Wheel of Fortune experience for established … Continue reading Wheel Of Fortune Cubed Now Available

PlayStation 4 Will Have No DRM Restrictions, No Online Requirements, Support Used Games

Sony confirmed what many gamers were hoping for today at their E3 Expo Press conference. Waiting until close to the end of the presentation, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Jack Tretton confirmed that the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 console would not have any restrictions on used games. Tretton said that the current PlayStation 3 model that allows gamers to trade in their games, buy used games, loan them to friends and use them however they want, works. So that is the same model being used with the PS4. This also means that the PS4 will support the … Continue reading PlayStation 4 Will Have No DRM Restrictions, No Online Requirements, Support Used Games

Sony Reveals PlayStation 4

It was probably the worst-kept secret in gaming, but Sony finally revealed quite a lot of information about the PlayStation 4. One of the biggest reveals was probably that the system would in fact, be called the PS4. But there were many others. Todd Hargosh is working on a column for Friday that goes into all the details, and also what was left out of the presentation. But for now, this is what we know about the PS4. It will be called the PS4. There is a new controller called the DualShock 4 which will ship with the PS4. Every … Continue reading Sony Reveals PlayStation 4

ICO Producer Leaves SCE

According to his twitter feed, Kenji Kaido, producer of troubled title The Last Guardian has left Sony . This decision follows last year’s departure of Shadow of the Colossus and Ico creator, Fumito Ueda and Yoshifusa Hayama, executive producer on The Last Guardian. "This August, I retired from SCE," Kaido said. "Although my plans for the future are still undecided, I will enjoy my summer vacation for a little while." This is bad news for fans of Team Ico games, who continue to wait for gameplay footage of The Last Guardian. Reports claim that Ueda is committed to finishing the … Continue reading ICO Producer Leaves SCE

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