Manhunt is a guilty, guilty pleasure

Rockstar has gone too far! I know I’ve said this many times. After all we are dealing with a developer known for creating games based on carjacking (Grand Theft Auto), illegal street racing (Midnight Club), inciting riots (State of Emergency), and of course gruesome mature noir stories (Max Payne), we should know what to expect. However, never did I think that even Rockstar would be responsible for a game like this. With Manhunt, they have pushed their reputation as being the bad boys of gaming to a whole new low. And yes, I love it! Anyone who has seen the … Continue reading Manhunt is a guilty, guilty pleasure

Return of the Payne

A four year development time is usually a kiss of death for a heavily hyped title. (remember Daikatana? And where the heck is Duke Nukem Forever?) Fortunately when Max Payne came out in 2001, the wait was well worth it, as the game was well praised by the masses with its unique Bullet Time gameplay, immersive story, and non-stop action (except maybe for those stupid nightmare sequences). In fact, we gave it our award for Most Innovative title for 2001 for good reason. I wasn’t able to play the PC version until earlier this year, but I took pride in … Continue reading Return of the Payne

A Great Vice for the PC

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is my first venture into the Grand Theft Auto world, but it will not be my last. I started playing GTA: Vice City on the Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) at a friend’s house and on my very first session I was hooked. Several of my larger friends had to come and physically remove me from my seat so that they could play. I knew it was coming out for the PC, and a month or so later at E3 I got my first peek at the PC version, and from that moment on, I could … Continue reading A Great Vice for the PC

It’s Miami Vice 2002

Over the previous weekend, I was treated to perhaps two of the greatest gangster movies of all time: Goodfellas and Scarface. However, both stories are completely different. Where Goodfellas depicts the story of Henry Hill’s rise to power in the Mafia and sudden disappearance into the Witness Protection Program, Scarface’s Tony Montana rises up from a poor Cuban immigrant to a powerful drug lord, ending his reign with a shotgun blast to the back. The same thing will apply to Grand Theft Auto 3, which dealt more with the Goodfellas side of the storyline involving the Leone family and how … Continue reading It’s Miami Vice 2002

Off the Job

Charlie Croker, fresh out of a stint in the big house, already has hatched a plan to swindle 4,000,000 pounds out from under the Italian mafia and the Turin police. This is The Italian Job, a driving game from Rockstar Games, the same people who brought you the Grand Theft Auto series. The game is based on the movie The Italian Job, released 1969, starring Michael Caine and (of all people) Benny Hill. I wonder if anyone under the age of 30 knows who the hell Benny Hill was. But, I digress. The Italian Job the game, like the movie, … Continue reading Off the Job

Shenmue meets the Sopranos

Now that I have completely backed out of my support of Sega (sorry Peter, your apology letter didn’t help either!), I had to look elsewhere to find a title to make up for a decent replacement for Shenmue 2. Never did I realize that it was right in front of me all along. When I first got into Grand Theft Auto 3, I was immediately impressed with the complete freedom I had over the entire environment; even more so than I was when I played Shenmue last year. Granted my freedom was slightly limited by the storyline before, but it … Continue reading Shenmue meets the Sopranos

Oni is Only Average

For a game that was originally planned two years ago, Bungie’s Oni was praised as the most anticipated game at trade show after show. That praise has continued through 2000 (including a feature at E3), and was also planned to be a launch title for the PlayStation 2. However, that never happened. In fact, it was not released until February 2001, and after playing it on my PlayStation2, I wonder why it got so much praise. To me, it’s just average. I know a lot of anime buffs will easily get hooked into Oni because the game begins with an … Continue reading Oni is Only Average

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