Primed for Action!

The original Metroid was one of the first games I played when I got my Nintendo Entertainment System. That was over 15 years ago, and back then it was a milestone in adventure games. Keep in mind that this was during an era when most adventure games only involved horizontal scrolling, and Metroid’s vertical depth added a unique addition to the mix. While it went unnoticed in Japan, Metroid was a huge hit in the States, and went on to span a GameBoy sequel, as well as the Super Nintendo successor, which expanded everything about the original game. I regret … Continue reading Primed for Action!

Nintendo 64 still dunking sports games

Left Field delivers once again the next great installment of the best basketball game to hit the N64 platform yet, Carrying the full NBA license, this games packs better graphics, more moves, and rim-rockin dunks than ever before. No questions asked, if you ain’t got Courtside, you aint got game. Next generation graphics are a big step up for the series. Player models for starters are much more rounded than their predecessors and there’s evidence that Left Field paid particuarly closer attention on the faces of the superstars. Along with new face lifts, the height and size variants help the … Continue reading Nintendo 64 still dunking sports games

Episode One Racer is a Force to be reckoned with

Speed. Competition. Thrills. A Jedi craves not these things. However, you might be of a different mind. For all of us Lucas Lunatics out there who just haven’t gotten our fill of The Phantom Menace, you can breath a little easier. LucasArts has your fix in the form of a very un-Jedi-like game called Star Wars Episode 1 Racer. If you haven’t seen the Phantom Menace yet, then turn off your computer and go buy yourself a movie ticket. Okay, now that they have left, it is only us true believers here. While I will leave a review of the … Continue reading Episode One Racer is a Force to be reckoned with

Zelda levels console market, aims at Metal Gear’s dominance

Zelda 64 is the most anticipated game on the N64 platform. For months we’ve seen it plastered in all the major gaming magazines and read about its progress at the most popular Internet Web sites. Its ratings have even earned it a segment in NewsWeek. There have been what seemed to be hundreds of canceled release dates on this title. N64 fans have tossed and turned in their beds for over 40 days and 40 nights. We’ve stared blankly at our clocks from sunrise to sundown waiting for some sign of it’s arrival. Tick…Tock…Tick…Tock. They tried to send us "Quest … Continue reading Zelda levels console market, aims at Metal Gear’s dominance

StarCraft was worth the wait. Enough said

When I hear that a game that I look strongly forward to is being delayed, it puts a chill in my spine. That’s because when a game is heavily delayed, it usually means that something is seriously wrong and the final product will be a total disaster. Take Battlecruiser 3000, for instance. Here we have a product that was supposed to be the ultimate in space exploration; something in the likes of Privateer, Elite, etc. After who knows how many years of delays, what was brought to the public was an unfinished disc, complete with bugs, crashes, incomplete manuals, and … Continue reading StarCraft was worth the wait. Enough said

Diddy Kong Racing Make Up for Mario Kart’s Shortcomings

Several months after the somewhat disappointing Mario Kart 64 was released, Rareware learns from Miyamoto’s mistakes and comes out with a Mario-esque racer that goes above and beyond any racer released on the Nintendo 64. Diddy Kong Racing, to the casual gamer, might look identical to Mario Kart 64, but in essence, it’s a whole new game. Sure, there is your typical racing, but it doesn’t end there. The game is one all-out adventure. The basic setting for the course is reminiscent of Mario 64, as vehicles travel over one main island which connects to several different sections, or "lobbies." … Continue reading Diddy Kong Racing Make Up for Mario Kart’s Shortcomings

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