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NBA Courtside 2
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Left Field delivers once again the next great installment of the best basketball game to hit the N64 platform yet, Carrying the full NBA license, this games packs better graphics, more moves, and rim-rockin dunks than ever before.

No questions asked, if you ain’t got Courtside, you aint got game.

Next generation graphics are a big step up for the series. Player models for starters are much more rounded than their predecessors and there’s evidence that Left Field paid particuarly closer attention on the faces of the superstars. Along with new face lifts, the height and size variants help the models correspond that much more their real life counterparts.

The arenas are better than ever, rich with color and filled with all the right elements that make for a great pro basketball game. Commentating by well-known broadcasters Chick Heam and Stu Lance really help add to the realism of Courtside 2. Expect to hear alot more from the announcers box this year as Heam and Lance bring the NBA right into your living room keeping you up to date on the play by play action down on the court from start to finish.

Gameplay is sweet as you have a whole arsenal of old and new moves at your disposal including crossovers, head fakes, spin moves and no look passes to name a few. Add to that a much improved give-and-go system and you’ve got everything you need to dominate the court. This games has got just about all the moves. If you’ve seen it on TV you can do it in the game.

But don’t think your gonna just get out on the court and dominate your opponents with fancy moves. After all, like coach used to say, "The game is 5 percent physical and 95 percent mental."

And believe me you gotta really know what you’re doing out there or else its an automatic two points in the other teams favor. With souped up artificial intelligence you really gotta use your head to work the ball inside and get the score. Not only does the key to success lie in effectively executing the right play at the right time, but knowing all the strengths and weaknesses of your team will help you develop a more precise strategy for winning games. Make no mistake about it, if you don’t do your homework, not only will your team fall behind in the standings but you’ll be buying tickets to the playoffs if ya catch my drift.

The additional arcade mode is a blast if your a die-hard NBA Jam fan. With enhanced speed, no fatigue, and no rules you can defy all the laws of basketball. Score 15 point shots by standing and shooting on pass icons located all around the court or even perform monster dunks that leave your opponents on their dairy airs.

If arcade mode isn’t your style of play then test your skill in the 3-point mode. You’ll be raining Tre’s all day.

Simply put, Courtside 2 has alot of good things goin for it and is sure to score big with anyone who has an inkling of basketball in their pinky. Hey and if ya practice hard and get good enough maybe someday you’ll be ready to take me on head-to-head! I’d gladly break your ankle with my sweet crossovers and take it to the hoop on ya play after play as I run the score up into oblivion! Well…it could happen.

I give this game 4 and 1/2 possible GIN gems because it’s got all the right moves.

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