War Thunder Readies Move To Xbox Platform

Gaijin Entertainment’s popular military vehicle combat MMO War Thunder is in development for Xbox One and Xbox One X, the world’s most powerful console. War Thunder brings air, land, and sea battles directly to gamers’ living rooms featuring carefully researched and reconstructed famous and rare vehicles ranging from the Spanish Civil War to the Cold War period. “Our fans have been asking for War Thunder on Xbox One and we have been working toward bringing its crossplay experience to them. We are thrilled to announce that we have reached an agreement with Microsoft to bring War Thunder to Xbox One … Continue reading War Thunder Readies Move To Xbox Platform

Crossout Begins Halloween Battle Events

The Halloween season has already begun in Crossout, the post-apocalyptic Action MMO. From October 19 through November 9, players will be able to wage battle on the all-new night map Sector EX, compete in the new ‘Witch Hunt’ PvP mode, and earn ‘Hazardous Sweets’ that can be traded for exclusive seasonal vehicle decor. In ‘Witch Hunt’, players have to attain festive Halloween Pumpalloons and keep them in their possession for as long as possible. All participants are equipped with an identical, unarmed vehicle and can steal the Pumpalloons by ramming the current possessor. Even without conventional weaponry, ‘Witch Hunt’ is … Continue reading Crossout Begins Halloween Battle Events

Vehicle Based MMOG Crossout Hits Three Million Players

Targem Games’ and Gaijin Entertainment’s Action MMOG Crossout has kicked off with a landslide launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, attracting more than three million players in less than a month since going public. Players from all over the world have already spent millions of combined hours crafting, fighting, racing and trading in-game – and the post-apocalyptic vehicle mayhem has only just begun! “We’ve been extremely pleased with the launch of Crossout, given the incredible feedback we’ve received from those who were already able to try the game at shows like E3 and Gamescom, as well as during Closed … Continue reading Vehicle Based MMOG Crossout Hits Three Million Players

Star Conflict Introduces New Spacecraft Class

StarGem. Inc and Gaijin Entertainment released the major Evolution Update for the Sci-fi Action MMO Star Conflict, which introduces the crystalline vessels of Ellydium Corporation. The new class of starships can change their characteristics through ‘evolution’, yielding an unprecedented degree of combat flexibility for their captains. Featuring both human and alien technology, vessels of the recent Ellydium branch offer powerful options for customization. Each ship consists of two main components: A crew compartment for control, and a surrounding crystal mass that defines its unique characteristics. By evolving the latter, players can not only vary between highly distinctive variations of their … Continue reading Star Conflict Introduces New Spacecraft Class

War Thunder Adds Japanese Army, Readies for Full Release

Gaijin Entertainment today announced that update 1.65 ‘Way of the Samurai’ marks the release of the originally proposed War Thunder game and ends Open Beta with all current in-game nations featuring their own aircraft and tank trees. The introduction of ships also means that War Thunder now takes the fight to land, air and sea to complement the game. Gaijin Entertainment will continue its commitment to improving the game through regular updates, as they progress toward the research trees of War Thunder Ships, which currently reside in pre-beta testing. “After reaching this important development milestone, which marks the end of … Continue reading War Thunder Adds Japanese Army, Readies for Full Release

Gaijin Announces New World War II FPS: Enlisted

Gaijin Entertainment, developer and publisher of War Thunder, announced  Enlisted, a new squad based multiplayer shooter for PC, developed by Darkflow Software studio. Dedicated to the most important large scale World War II battles, Enlisted will be a fan driven game. Enlisted will initially offer two massive campaigns – Battle of Moscow and the Battle of Normandy. Each campaign in the game will represent multiple phases of a battle – which during the war lasted for weeks, sometimes months, as well as specific characters and weapons suitable for the historical event recreated in a campaign. It will also offer different … Continue reading Gaijin Announces New World War II FPS: Enlisted

War Thunder Enters Second Beta Phase, Needs Recruits

Gaijin Entertainment is pleased to announce that the second wave of Closed Beta program for Ground Forces Expansion for military MMO game War Thunder, has started today. Selected players, who participated in various daily in-game challenges during November, will continue to receive invites to Closed Beta during second wave. For users that want exclusive content that will become collector’s items once the Open Beta for Ground Forces starts, there is an option to purchase one of the advanced packs at http://online.gaijinent.com. All of these packs also grant access to the Closed Beta, and they’ll remain available for purchase until Open … Continue reading War Thunder Enters Second Beta Phase, Needs Recruits

Gaijin Records Real Tank Sounds For War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment Collaborated with Museums Around the World to Capture and Precisely Reproduce the Sounds that WWII Tanks Made While Engaged In Deadly Battle. Ground Forces Expansion will provide gamers with even more real life action thanks to the effort and commitment by Gaijin Entertainment to ensure that gamers get the most realistic experience with the sounds of real World War II tanks discharged during battle. Similar to the process implemented by Gaijin Entertainment’s sound design team for all of the action sounds in War Thunder to date, which recently won Gamescom’s ‘Best Simulation Game award’, the team again set … Continue reading Gaijin Records Real Tank Sounds For War Thunder

WWII Combat MMO War Thunder Enters Open Beta

Gaijin Entertainment, the developer and publisher of the upcoming World War II combat MMO War Thunder, is proud to announce the start of the game’s open beta test in Europe, North America, and South America. This announcement comes a few weeks after the open beta began in Russia. ‘After four years of working on War Thunder, we’re sincerely happy that we can finally present it to the gaming community all over the world,’ says Kirill Yudintsev, Creative Director of Gaijin Entertainment. ‘Every stage of the development, and every update, brings us closer to the goal we’ve established for War Thunder: … Continue reading WWII Combat MMO War Thunder Enters Open Beta

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