Sega Sports NHL 2K scores!

Black Box has a lot to prove. After all, this is a company releasing a sports game for the Draamcast right after Visual Concepts created two titles that changed sports games as we know it, NFL 2K and NBA 2K. In creating NHL 2K, it needs to be taken into consideration that Black Box was responsible for the Saturn conversion of NHL Powerplay, the only NHL title that I feel would easily dethrone anything that EA Sports game out with (it did beat them that year, as NHL 96 for the Saturn and PlayStation ended up being scrapped). Powerplay included … Continue reading Sega Sports NHL 2K scores!

The Orient Express is a puzzling thriller

Puzz 3D has been producing high quality three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles for several years. Now they have made the leap from coffee table to CD-ROM, and they’ve done it with style. As a 3D puzzle fanatic, I wondered how easy the on-screen puzzle pieces would be to manipulate. I shouldn’t have worried. In addition to the expected ability to move and rotate individual pieces, the player can collect and sort pieces in up to seven "trays." This process is almost as good as it can get in two dimensions, except that you can’t manipulate pieces within a tray. They must first … Continue reading The Orient Express is a puzzling thriller

The Wheel of Time brings Jordan books to PCs

I don’t consider myself a purist, but I have some issues with Wheel of Time the game as it fits in with the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. To give you a little bit of my background with the series, I have read all eight books at least twice and I already know that the ninth book in the series comes out in the Fall of 2000, and I will be there the day it comes out to purchase a copy. Several other members of the GiN staff are also fans of the book and have been battling … Continue reading The Wheel of Time brings Jordan books to PCs

Enemy Nations is the best game you’ve never heard about

Got a high-powered machine and really enjoy the real time build and conquer games? Then you owe it to your self to check out Enemy Nations from Windward Studios! Similar to such games as Starcraft, Red Alert, Age of Empires, etc., Enemy Nations takes real time strategy and combines it with the best of the real time builders likes of Civilization, War Craft and Heroes of Might and Magic! The resultant real time builder / strategy game is truly worth the investment in time and effort to become familiar with. The minimum platform is only a 486 / 66 machine … Continue reading Enemy Nations is the best game you’ve never heard about

MindRover: The Europa Project will stretch your mind

Despite the controversy surrounding his findings, Darwin really did have it right. The strongest, fastest and smartest creatures live. Nowhere I think is this more evident than at a full-blown robot war competition. If you have never seen a robot war first hand, you should. Whether you are watching robots trying to outmatch each other in soccer games, or beat each other to piles of circuits and frayed wires, it’s always an exciting event. Just thinking about all the programming that went into each robot’s artificial intelligence, not to mention the components and sensors, is mind-boggling. But unless you happen … Continue reading MindRover: The Europa Project will stretch your mind

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

Majesty is a solid realtime strategy [RTS] game wrapped in the cloak of a simulation. I’m not really sure why Cyberlore decided to call their game a simulation, because other than sort of designing the overall look of your medieval village, the game is focused on warfare. I approached this game as if it were a RTS game, and I think most consumers should do so as well if they want to be happy with their purchase. This is not SimCity, but oddly enough it’s not Command and Conquer either. Majesty is a refreshing twist on the somewhat overdone RTS … Continue reading Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

Grand Canyon will leave you breathless

Oh, Ain’t it Grand? After downloading megabyte upon megabyte of scenery from the Internet in the past, I was eager to see how the "professional" scenery compared. Everyone knows that the scenery which ships with Flight Simulator is pretty sparse and that there have been a lot of sims lately that boast their superior scenery as a major selling point. This would be my chance to see how good scenery could be with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 98 by experimenting with Grand Canyon for Microsoft Flight Simulator & Combat Flight Simulator from Wilco Publishing. Grand Canyon covers about 12,000 square miles, … Continue reading Grand Canyon will leave you breathless

Mortyr 2093 – 1944 is no Wolfenstein

Back when I got my first modern PC, (my real first computer was a Trash 80) I noticed that installed on it was a simple game entitled Wolfenstein 3D. Created by a small company called id Software, it ended up taking a lot of my free time, as well as becoming one of the greatest games of all time. Maybe it was because it involved traversing through a vast labyrinth from a first person view, or maybe it was because I collect material involving World War II (as my DVD collection of Patton and Saving Private Ryan would prove). Whatever … Continue reading Mortyr 2093 – 1944 is no Wolfenstein

Corsairs: Conquest at Sea sails to your heart

This is a real time strategy game at sea. You are a Corsair representing either France or England and there are four tutorials designed to give the player some hands on experience and instruction simultaneously. It is more like a naval version of WarCraft than anything else. The player is responsible for completing each assigned mission, and this is no easy task. It is a lot of fun, but very linear in a way that the classic Pirates was not. While completing each mission you may also engage in trade, combat, whatever you deem necessary to complete the mission while … Continue reading Corsairs: Conquest at Sea sails to your heart

Play The Bloodiest Single Day in America’s History

Now you can recreate this day in the safety of your own home and on the security of your own computer! Sid Meier and Firaxis Games present the battle of Antietam, named after the small creek in Maryland that separated the forces at the start of the conflict, here in all its blood and glory for you to enjoy. Time has been rolled back to September 17, 1862 in rural Maryland. The Army of the Potomac (Union) commanded by General McClellan and the Army of Northern Virginia (Confederate) marching with the legendary General Robert E. Lee face off in this … Continue reading Play The Bloodiest Single Day in America’s History

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