Toplitz Productions Reveals Developer Video About Their Upcoming Survival Adventure Serum

Developer Game Island in partnership with publisher Toplitz Productions have revealed the world of their upcoming survival adventure Serum through a new developer video. The video showcases its fusion of exploration, crafting, and heart-pounding survival against mutated beasts that roam in the world of Serum.

More details of the player’s ability in Serum to craft and concoct potent serums, which can enhance stamina, health, and provide the player with other abilities such as night vision are also teased in the developer video.

In Serum, players will be able to dive into a thrilling survival adventure where an unknown liquid takes control of their lives. They will need to extract the serum, battle dangerous creatures, solve puzzles, and unravel the mysteries of Serum’s eerie world.

Serum will feature both single player and co-op gameplay when it arrives next year. More upcoming details and updates on Serum will be given on its official Steam page.

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