Pool Cleaning Simulator Launches to Early Access on Steam

Developers FreeMind S.A. and Rubens Games have announced that their Pool Cleaning Simulator has launched to Early Access on Steam. Pool Cleaning Simulator recreates for players the entire process of cleaning, scrubbing, and maintaining a variety of pools, from luxurious backyard havens to community swimming complexes.

Early Access participants will have the unique opportunity to shape the future development of Pool Cleaning Simulator through their feedback and suggestions. The development team at Rubens Games is committed to working closely with the community to refine the gameplay, introduce new features, and ensure a polished and enjoyable final release.

The developers on Steam noted that they would like Pool Cleaning Simulator to stay in Early Access up to 12 months, but that the time frame will mostly depend on the community of players. The developers stated that they plan to stay in Early Access until both they and the community decide that Pool Cleaning Simulator is finished.

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