Top 7 Games People Continue to Play

There are some games that people love to play over and over again. This might be because of nostalgia or because you just have an attachment that cannot be detached from within. Most probably it has to do with your childhood and with the games you started to play with your fellows at that time.

Here is a list of games that we can call evergreen, time and trends will pass but these games will still be on the top of our mind – forever. Of course, this list might be a little subjective.


This is one of those games that everyone and I mean everyone born in the ’90s knows. There is no exception all of us started with Pokémon and with the beautiful Gameboy – for the lucky ones that started with Gameboy colour (shame on you :D).

Still remember the time I got to beat the league and feel like a champion after trying several times with the beast Charizard, which one was your favourite?

Feel free to check this list of games to play this January.

Crash Bandicoot

Inviting your best friends over and start racing with Crash Bandicoot was one of the most fun memories I have… right after school getting the opportunity to challenge myself or my buddies.

Slot machines

Becoming older has its own games, in fact, slot machines are one of the top hobbies some people have. Very little bets to play for a long time or if you love the adrenaline high stakes to enjoy the emotions. Nevertheless, some people will look at the provably fair system that new technology brought to the market. Most of the bitcoin casinos have the crash game, slots, table games, online casino games such as blackjack, roulette and more.

Grand Theft Auto

Up next, driverless police cars. Now that is a scary thought.There are lots of version of this game, since the first GTA until now with GTA V… a huge story that gamers won’t forget as connected with their souls. The gameplay has been one hell of a ride with CJ, Thomas Vercetti, with Niko and lastly with Michael, Trevor and Franklin. What was your favourite GTA?


For all the football fans out there, FIFA or PES is another great option to always have at home or installed on your console. One of the best game to play together with your mates especially in the time where going out isn’t the best option.

There are thousands of debates about PES vs FIFA, but of course, FIFA wins all the time due also a bigger marketing budget that they managed to have to promote their game. Nevertheless PES this year somehow got some of the most recognizable soccer team names for their game and leaving FIFA to utilize fake names.

Assassin’s Creed

History, mystery and fights one of the best combinations in creating one of the most intriguing gameplay for all the passionate gamers. The game itself envelops you into the protagonist shoes and makes you wonder and question the world around you.

Curiosity is one of those characteristics that push humanity to discover and create things. Ubisoft did an incredible series of games that put together what happened in the past with the morality of the Creed.

These mentioned above, are just a few of the incredible games developed throughout the history of games. It’s now time to hear you out… share with us your top 5 games that you loved and still love.

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