Tank Battalion Blitzes iOS


Today NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. has released TANK BATTALION BLITZ, an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch action game where players create a deck of tanks and try to wipe out the enemy army, all the while defending their own headquarters. With a total of 130 stages, more than 150 tanks, several game modes and local & online multiplayer through Game Center, TANK BATTALION BLITZ packs tons of content into an affordable $2.99 package available now on the App Store.

TANK BATTALION BLITZ includes TANK BATTALION mode, in which players face a string of dangerous missions, and TEAM BATTLE mode, where two players team up to take on the competition. TANK BATTALION BOSS mode, where players are pitted against the game’s challenging and massive boss tanks, is also planned for inclusion in a future update to the title. For those who want to face off against the world’s best players, TANK BATTALION BLITZ includes a 4-player local and online multiplayer for both cooperative and competitive gameplay, with full support of Apple’s Game Center.

In total, the title includes more than 150 tanks that have been faithfully recreated from real World War 2-era machines. Players collect each of these vehicles from in-game capsule machines, which can be used for free once a day. Players can also make use of in-app purchases to attain Premium Capsules, which can be redeemed for rare tanks. Each tank possesses unique abilities, so a robust collection can be indispensable for conquering the tough missions that await players.

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