Steam Award Winners Announced for 2022

Valve Corporation has announced the winners of the 2022 Steam Awards. The announcement follows weeks of nominations and millions of votes cast by Steam users and players for their favorite games.

Probably not surprising, the Game of the Year went to Elden Ring. Owing to its really tough level of difficulty, although probably not as much as some of the other titles made by From Software, Elden Ring also won Steam’s award for Best Game that You Suck At.

The VR Game of the Year was Hitman 3. In a field that is still really trying to find itself and produce some really good titles, the Hitman series presented gamers with a complete title in Hitman 3 that was just as playable as its non-VR counterpart.

The much maligned and then later redeemed Cyberpunk 2077 game picked up Steam’s Labor of Love award after developer CD Projekt Red spent almost a year patching and updating the game, beefing it up to work with next generation systems and adding in new content to coincide with the amazing Edgerunners anime series which is set in the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

Other innovative titles also found success in the Steam Awards this year. Almost everyone who played Stray loved the game, which is also a cyberpunk like adventure, but one told through the eyes of a cat. Stray earned the Most Innovative Gameplay award in a tight category this year. Meanwhile, the remake of Final Fantasy VII took home the award of Best Soundtrack of any game produced this year.

Players can check out all of the games that earned 2022 Steam Awards over on Steam.

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