Slitherine Says Empires Apart Almost Ready for Launch


Empires Apart captures the spirit of classics RTS like Age of Empires, with a strong skirmish and multiplayer component. Devolper DESTINYbit crafted this game using Unreal Engine involving hundreds of AoE players around the world all the way through the development process.

Byzantines, Arabs, French, Chinese, Aztecs and Mongols: with six all different nations you can choose to lead from the first settlement to full conquest, Empires Apart is an unique wargaming experience. You can enjoy a game versus the optimized IA or fight with seven other players in fast matches. Empires Apart will be soon available on Steam.

Slitherine will host a Twitch channel stream on February 15th at 9:00 PM CEST to announce the official release date, and to give a hands on look at the new game.

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