Railroad Corporation Sim Rides The Rails Starting Today

Indie publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Corbie Games are extremely proud to announce the full release on Steam for train tycoon simulator game Railroad Corporation today.

This follows a five-month-long Early Access period where several new features such as a sandbox mode and plenty of new maps and missions have been added. Watch the trailer below to see more gameplay and prepare for departure.

Yurij Ischuk, CEO at Corbie Games says:

“Being a train enthusiast and knowing the amount of fantastic train games that are out there, I feel that Railroad Corporation really gives the other games a run for their money. Not only does Railroad Corporation give players the opportunity to lay train tracks and explore the historical maps of 19th century America, it also heavily emphasizes the business aspect of managing a railroad enterprise. This is what, in my opinion, sets it apart from all the other games and makes Railroad Corporation the ultimate train game for players to enjoy.”

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