Player Review of the Battlefield V Game

EA Dice recently released the sixteenth game in the Battlefield series. The newly released Battlefield game is titled Battlefield V. like other titles of the past, Battlefield V is a first-person shooter game that comes in both the single player and the multiplayer modes. Currently, players can access and play the game on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. Also, the game is available to play at a casino online of your choice.


Like a number of previous Battlefield games, Battlefield V is divided into episodic war stories. What this therefore means is that the player can opt for the war story he wants to play at first or he can play all by playing them in the sequence they come in. Battlefield V comes with four war stories but at the moment only three are playable.

The first war story in Battlefield V is termed Nordlys and it follows the adventure of a Norwegian resistance fighter who finds himself in a group that wants to sabotage the Germany Nuclear Program. The second war story in the game is termed Tirailleur and it follows the adventure of a Senegalese Tirailleur who is involved in Operation Dragoon. The third war story is termed Under No Shoes and it follows the adventure of Billy Bridger, an explosives expert and a once convicted robber who finds himself conscripted into the Special Boat Service which is set to partake in Operation Albumen. The fourth and yet to come war story is titled The Last Tiger.


Battlefield V is playable in three ‘modes’/war stories. When playing in the first mode i.e. Nordlys, the player assumes the role of a Norwegian resistance fighter. The player will find himself working for a company that is trying its level best to sabotage the Germany Nuclear Program. As such, the player will also have to chip in so that the company achieves its objective. To do this, the player will use role-playing skills as well as the use of weapons. In the second mode, the player will assume the role of a Senegalese Tirailleur who is fighting hard for his army to win. In the third mode i.e. Under No Shoes, the player assuming the role of Billy Bridger will find himself as part of a special military group that is about to go to the battlefront. The player’s objective is to help his squad win. To do this, the player will have to use his weaponry skills.

Game Development

In developing this game, EA Dice worked with a number of directors, producers, designers, artists and composers. Here, we are going to highlight all those who were part of the production team. The composers are Patrik Andrén and Johan Söderqvist. The artists are Carlos Villarreal Kwasek, Conny Bergqvist, Fabien Christin and Joakim Stigsson. The designers are Daniel Berlin, Nathalie Ek and Ross Darvill. The producers are Aleksander Grøndal, Andreas Morell, David Sirland, Lars Gustavsson and Ryan McArthur. The directors are Armando Troisi and Oskar Gabrielson.

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