Player Built MMO Worlds Adrift Launching to Beta


Bossa Studios is launching Worlds Adrift, a first of its kind online game built on Improbable’s SpatialOS platform that fuses fantasy with physics to create a virtual experience unlike anything previously seen.

Worlds Adrift is the first game to launch since Atomico invested $10 million in Bossa Studios and marks a turning point for the gaming industry, treating players as co-developers rather than simply consumers. Bossa’s founders believe World’s Adrift has the potential to make video games more attractive to a new generation of players accustomed to shaping and sharing creations on social media platforms.


• After three years of development, Bossa Studios, London’s leading indie gaming studio, is launching its Worlds Adrift into public Beta on 17th of May.

• Bossa Studios recently opened an office in Seattle, Portland to mark their takeover of the U.S. market

• The eagerly awaited game marks a turning point for the gaming industry by putting co-creation at the heart of the gamer experience.

• Bossa’s vision for an expansive, life-like universe where all actions have permanent impact, is made possible by Improbable’s SpatialOS technology.

• This massive world is built purely through actions of people playing the game.

• No less than 10,000 islands have already been built by gamers during the closed Beta, many with intricate designs Bossa never expected to see.

• Bossa’s vision is for the games of the future to put people in the driving seat completely, and is already applying new AI technologies towards its vision beyond Worlds Adrift

• Bossa believes its approach mirrors the global cultural shifts in how people wish to be entertained – by being in charge of their experiences – cue in creation of videos on YouTube, or music on SoundCloud

• While multi-player games have been alive and well for a while, Worlds Adrift is the first game that does away with narrative restrictions altogether, its world being driven by actions and interactions of the players within the game. Exponential possibilities exist in terms of what may happen with the game.

• Every action in the game complies to the real-world laws of physics, demanding of the players to embrace their own real-world vulnerabilities and deep involvement with any actions they take.

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