Naviage Free-To-Play Game Launches

Naviage has launched as a free-to-play strategy game at

According to the developer: Naviage is an online web-based game that symbolizes a new era of all web-based games. There are 6 countries, over 300 docks, ten thousand routes, thousands of goods, hundreds of important locations and technologies, these elements make up the most basis of Naviage, and set a new milestone for all the strategy games. Hardship on discovering golden routes; ruins of ancient cities; treasures from past important events; intrigue between the nations; all of these are just waiting for YOU to uncover.

To become a great explorer who is the master of the seas; the most important businessman on this side of the planet; colonial chief who guides his country into an age of wealth and power; an admiral who lead his army into wipe pirates from the dictionary; or maybe the explorer who live in place away from all the danger in the world; or even a great pirate with cruel army to set up new rules for the society. All of these are only based on your decisions here in Naviage!


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