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Hi Time Wasters! Let me just say Happy Thanksgiving! Yes I know it’s a little late but I’m sure you will all forgive me, right? So, now that I’m crammed full of food and exhausted from some Black Friday (or Thursday in some stores) shopping I’ll give you a heads up on what I did earlier this week.

I spent a good deal of my time playing a fun little game called Pursuit of Hat. Pursuit of Hat is a puzzle game where we control a person/creature that looks like something straight from a Dr. Seuss book. As the title implies the goal of every level of the game is to solve the puzzles to reach your missing hat.

Our friend (who I have dubbed Seuss) has an ability that is unique to him and is how we solve all of the puzzles in game. Seuss can rip off his own limbs to drop on switches or shoot out of cannons to help us reach our goal. In fact he can go so far as to rip his head from his body and just roll around.

Most of these puzzles will rely on using Seuss’s limbs to either put weight on an object, activate a switch, or to balance out the weight of a see saw so he can travel across it to reach that darn hat of his. After awhile the puzzles do seem to blend together in a way that makes them seem same old same old. It isn’t a game killer but it did leave me wishing for more variety.

The oddity and quirkiness of the game drew me to it and it helped out that the art style felt perfect for the game. Instead of anything overly bloody the game treats ripping off limbs more like taking an arm off of a doll. It’s so much like this that we can pick up our limbs we ripped off if we make a mistake or need them to solve the puzzles.

The game has a lot of happy and upbeat music which is a little strange for a puzzle game but at the same time felt right at home with the art of the game.

With its strange concept of gameplay, overly cute graphics, and happy go lucky sound I found that Pursuit of Hat was a great way to get some use out of my brain all while enjoying a simple browser based game.

Overall I give Pursuit of hat 3.5 GiN Gems out of 5 for being a nifty game.

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