Jagged Alliance Online Expands

Jagged Alliance Online managed to beat the highly rated competition for this year’s ‘Best Browsergame 2012’ at the prestigious German Developer’s Award, selected by a jury of industry professionals. To celebrate this occasion, Cliffhanger Productions and gamigo have released a brand new update for the popular game which contains new balancing and loads of new content for experienced players and newbies alike.

Whether you are an experienced mercenary or just starting out in the business, the new update for Jagged Alliance Online is your opportunity to experience the latest and greatest in tactical turn-based gaming!

Cliffhanger Games and gamigo have added 17 new challenging high-level missions ‘ whether you are freeing an archeologist from his imprisonment in an ancient temple in the jungles of Bovilia, stopping a covert arms deal in the Caribbean, or taking out a mob outfit in Chicago, your mercenaries will find enough work to earn their cash the hard way. Cliffhanger has raised the level cap to level 50 now and added new headquarter upgrades, dozens of new weapons, armor, and crafting recipes. New players will also find a brand new much improved tutorial, which will make enjoying Jagged Alliance Online for the first time that much easier!

Create your very own mercenary company now and play over 80 challenging missions or test your skills live against other players in our new PvP maps!

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