Fiesta Online MMO Adds Over 60 New Cards in Major Update

Gamigo is proud to introduce to its players a major update for the Card Collection System of anime MMO Fiesta Online which brings it up to date to better reflect the current in-game content. The Card Collection System is an in-game system where players can collect various cards dropped by vanquished monsters. The cards differ from each other according to ranks and the number of stars. For successfully collecting cards, players are rewarded with items. The rewards vary depending on the cards and the number of cards registered by the player. Some of the cards can also unlock different titles. … Continue reading Fiesta Online MMO Adds Over 60 New Cards in Major Update

Mobile Farming Simulation Fantasy Town Celebrates Oktoberfest

Summer may be coming to an end, but the fun continues in Gamigo’s farming simulation game, Fantasy Town. Today, Tommy and the rest of the kingdom are bringing the sights, sounds, and tastes of Oktoberfest to the mayor. Will this event be the catalyst to finally get the mayor to stay put? Tommy certainly thinks so! Fantasy Town’s Oktoberfest event introduces several themed rewards that include an Oktoberfest Concert building, plenty of new musically gifted characters, and event materials that are guaranteed to be welcome at any festival, such as Pretzels, Magic Beer, and Lederhosen. Additional rewards that are guaranteed … Continue reading Mobile Farming Simulation Fantasy Town Celebrates Oktoberfest

Wizard101 Kicks off Fourth Story Arc With Semi-Sweet World of Karamelle

Gamigo and KingsIsle Entertainment invite Wizard101 EU players to kick off the game’s Fourth Story Arc in the vibrant world of Karamelle. While Wizards can certainly satisfy their sweet tooth in this land of delicacies, something bitter and nasty may be hiding beneath its surface. Karamelle brings a delicious twist to Wizard101 as players embark on a thrilling adventure interacting with lively characters and exploring vast sugary locales such as the Gumdrop Forest, Sweetzburg, and the Rock Candy Mountains. Along the way, players will uncover the secrets and mysteries hidden within this seemingly cheery world. Today’s update also increases the level cap to 140, supplies powerful new school spells, and offers new gear and henchmen. In addition to Wizard101’s storyline expansion, … Continue reading Wizard101 Kicks off Fourth Story Arc With Semi-Sweet World of Karamelle

UFO; The Fight For Earth Now In Open Beta

The factions have formed, the fight against the aliens has opened. gamigo sends UFO Online: Fight for Earth into open beta testing. The tactical multiplayer game has been constantly refined throughout the closed beta testing with thanks to the valuable feedback from the community. Now all gamers can join the battle to protect the Earth from the extraterrestrials at There’s a comprehensive tutorial to get an easier start in the game, which explains all characters and factions as well as all the important features of the game, not to forget a few hints and tips. The commercial launch is … Continue reading UFO; The Fight For Earth Now In Open Beta

Gamigo Saves Fiesta Online From Defunct Outspark

Gamigo Inc. has acquired substantial assets from the San Francisco based publisher, Outspark. The license of the successful online game, Fiesta Online, for the USA, Canada, and Mexico is to become a part of gamigo’s extensive online games portfolio. Gamigo Inc. is a 100% subsidiary of the fast growing gamigo AG, one of the leading European publishers of online games in the Free-to-Play market. Fiesta Online is already operated and marketed by gamigo in Europe (including Germany, France, Italy, and Spain). The acquisition of the North American license for Fiesta Online with over 1.2 million registered players means a substantial … Continue reading Gamigo Saves Fiesta Online From Defunct Outspark

Jagged Alliance Online Expands

Jagged Alliance Online managed to beat the highly rated competition for this year’s ‘Best Browsergame 2012’ at the prestigious German Developer’s Award, selected by a jury of industry professionals. To celebrate this occasion, Cliffhanger Productions and gamigo have released a brand new update for the popular game which contains new balancing and loads of new content for experienced players and newbies alike. Whether you are an experienced mercenary or just starting out in the business, the new update for Jagged Alliance Online is your opportunity to experience the latest and greatest in tactical turn-based gaming! Cliffhanger Games and gamigo have … Continue reading Jagged Alliance Online Expands

Samarion Buys German MMO Publisher Gamigo

Gamigo AG, one of the leading German publishers and operators of online games in the MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) segment, has a new owner. Samarion S.E., a strategic investor in online gaming with its headquarters in D’sseldorf, is taking over 100 percent of Gamigo from Axel Springer. Samarion S.E. wants to use the opportunities for growth and consolidation in the growth market of online computer games and consistently enhance the future development of the company. The transaction is seen by the management of Gamigo as an important step in the further development of the company: "With Samarion S.E. we … Continue reading Samarion Buys German MMO Publisher Gamigo