HipSoft Releases Galactic Express Family Friendly Puzzler


HipSoft is pleased to announce its latest pc game, Galactic Express, is now available for download and purchase. The game is suitable for all ages and runs on systems with Windows XP or later.

Galactic Express is a space-themed puzzle game in which players load colorful cargo into transport ships. The object of the game is to fill each differently shaped cargo hold with as many pieces as possible, while leaving few or no empty spaces. Bonus points and tokens are earned for successfully loading the maximum number of puzzle cargo, packing same-colored pieces together and completing special cargo orders.

Galactic Express has a broad appeal, with an imaginative storyline and two modes of play to engage players at all levels: Delivery Mode with timed levels, and Casual Mode, which has players working at their own pace to complete level goals.

Galactic Express combines fun, colorful character and ship graphics with realistic, animated space backgrounds. Ambient sounds and music accompany the game play and are fully adaptable to each player’s preference through the options menu.


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