Halo Infinite Valor Guide – How to Get Valor for Your FOB

Halo Infinite, the newest entry in the Halo franchise, brings some intriguing changes to the Halo formula. For the first time, Halo Infinite features an open-world map. Halo Zeta’s massive open world is unlocked little by little, making it easy for returning players to get used to it. If you enjoy gaming do not forget to check out nj-licensed-casinos.com for many new experiences. Halo infinite offers you to earn a lot of valor by destroying banished outposts.

Moreover, you will find hidden Easter eggs around the open-world map or highlighted vehicles and equipment. Earning more Valor helps players to gear up through the Mythic+ system. Read on for our Halo infinite valor guide to know how to get Valor for your FOB.

Getting Started with Halo Infinite Valor

Halo Infinite has finally been released after years of teasing and delays. You take on the Spartan Master Chief role on the Zeta Halo this time around. Master Chief’s mission is to destroy the Covenant faction known as The Banished after being rescued by a fellow UNSC soldier. Players of Halo Infinite have the opportunity to explore a vast open world, unlike previous installments in the series.

You can take over captured FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) from The Banished to make your outposts across Zeta Halo. One can use them to summon vehicles, weaponry, or simply to enlist willing cannon fodder marines. Your FOBs can be improved by gaining Valor, Halo Infinite’s experience system.

What Is Valor?

Performing heroic deeds like rescuing marines, destroying Banished propaganda towers, and eliminating High-Value Targets will earn you Halo Infinite Valor. Everything you do in Halo Infinite’s campaign awards you Valor points. Using this cumulative resource, you can see your progress in fighting the Banished.

The more Valor you have, the more vehicles and weapons you’ll be able to access from any Banished FOB you capture. You can access the menu by tapping the View button, then tapping ‘FOB’ to see what you have unlocked with your Valor and what you’ll unlock next. Here you will find a Battle Pass-style rail of vehicles and weapons. Each time you win Valor, you’ll advance along the rail a little more.

The Way to Gain Valor

Halo Infinite lets you earn Valor in various ways that all have to do with completing side activities in the open world. You earn 30 Valor if you save UNSC Marine squads while destroying Banished facilities earns you 100 Valor. You will also be rewarded with several hundred Valor for completing story quests, making it your most valuable resource. It will earn you a meager 10 Valor by destroying the Banished Propaganda Towers.

However, completing assassination missions or any of the collectible side quests will not grant you Valor. The former provides a powerful weapon, but the latter can give anything from Spartan Cores to Audio Logs to multiplayer armor. You can’t get Valor from any chests or containers, either. This is obtained entirely through the completion of side quests in Zeta Halo.

If you can’t find Banished facilities or UNSC squads, liberate some Banished-controlled FOBs. These are usually poorly guarded places with only a dozen or so enemies to deal with. Several important places and side quests will emerge on your map once you regain control of the FOB.

The more Valor you gain, the more UNSC weapons and vehicles you will be able to summon. The amount of Valor you have earned determines what you can access. The S7 Sniper Rifle, for example, requires 1,500 Valor, while the Wasp requires 2,600. The amount of Valor that you gain is purely dependent on what you can summon at your FOB, so if you summon an item, you won’t lose any. You can view how much each UNSC item will cost you when selecting the FOB tag in the menu. You will see how many Valor points each weapon requires above its name.


However, you cannot access Banished vehicles; you must find them in the wild. Killing targets with red triangles on your map will grant you access to Banished weapons. There are assassination missions involving special Banished weapons, such as the Duelist Energy Sword. After acquiring a Banished weapon through these missions, you can summon it at any time, just as you can summon any UNSC weapon.

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