Dice Device Bridges The Gap Between Board, Videogames

Video games have drawn inspiration from the realm of pen-and-paper roleplaying games for decades, but one crucial element has been missing; the die. With the integration of DICE+, DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore becomes the first (and only, for now) PC game to bridge the gap between modern technology and tabletop traditions.

"DICE+ was created to make people play together with their friends and family members on iOS and Android tablets," said David Gatti of Game Technologies. "This will be our first venture into a category of hardcore games, but the developers of DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore truly love DICE+. Together with Guido Henkel we will try to explore entirely new possibilities for DICE+ in a PC setting."

Roleplaying video games already emulate the settings and stories and mechanics of their pen-and-paper brethren, but they have yet to recreate the tension and excitement of letting fate roll across the table. With the potential to use DICE+ for everything from character-creation to savings throws, DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore aims to add a familiar, yet wholly new level of player-interaction to roleplaying video games.

From Game Technologies, DICE+ is the digital board game controller that brings physical and social interaction back to digital gaming. Easily synced to devices via Bluetooth, DICE+ uses state-of-the-art technology to enhance compatible games while recalling traditional gaming experiences. DICE+ is available to order direct for $39.99, bundled with six games for iPad and Android tablets:

DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore is a party-based RPG for Windows, Mac, and Linux that recalls the Golden Era of fantasy RPGs with turn-based combat and complex characterization. By utilizing hidden character-attributes and a game engine that tracks players’ behaviors, every journey is a uniquely personal experience. Spearheaded by Guido Henkel (Realms of Arkania, Planescape: Torment), DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore is currently in development with an estimated release in December, 2014. Find out more at http://deathfiregame.com/

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