Cypress Inheritance Planning First Game

Cypress Inheritance LLC is announcing its first game titled Cypress Inheritance. It is being released as an app for mobile devices. This is the first game and marks the beginning of the Cypress Inheritance game saga that is set to be released in December 2012.

Cypress Inheritance has been a little over one year in developing. Cypress Inheritance has a film in the early stages of development as well as a merchandise line that will be coming out with the first game. The intention is to have the saga continue forward in 2013 and also to be released on other platforms as well.
The journey begins when you discover that your long lost relative, Alfred Cypress, has bequeathed to you his vast holdings that include twenty mansions across the globe. Each unique mansion holds treasures, challenges, surprises and obstacles. The first game takes you on an adventure to a mansion hidden on a mysterious island. With Alfred Cypress being a brilliant and eccentric man he has created a world of artificial intelligence for each mansion. The mansion has the ability to defend itself from all intruders and to protect the highly valued art treasures within.

With state-of-the-art graphics, action, drama, suspense, clues and challenges, Cypress Inheritance launches you into an exciting world that will test your skills of survival as you try to unlock the mysteries of the Mansion, battle its defenders and escape with its hidden wealth.

A challenge at many levels, Cypress Inheritance is family entertainment at its best. With every step you take, you must use your wits to secure improvised weapons to battle fierce robotic knights, choose your pathway, avoid the ingenious traps and find your escape route to both freedom and wealth.

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