Build an Awesome Abode in Dreamhouse The Game

Become a novice construction engineer with one big dream: earn enough money to build your dream house with your own hands. Start your company and accept all sorts of orders, from general ruined property renovations to leveling undeveloped land and house foundation excavation. Take on projects from constructing a small hut in the forest to a real hacienda on a sandy beach. Once you have earned enough funds and experience, you will finally have the chance to build your very own home from scratch.

Draw up a design and follow the construction plans accordingly. Take care of every detail, from the foundation, through pipes and electricity, to buying flower pots and hanging pictures on the walls. Make every important decision affecting the property’s functionality. And if something goes wrong? Get back to the drawing board, re-work your design, and destroy what’s already been built to re-build it again differently. In the end, building a house is an extremely difficult process that requires expert knowledge from many different fields. That’s why Dreamhouse: The Game will teach you all the secrets and steps necessary in creating your perfect home.

Dreamhouse: The Game is being developed using Unreal Engine 5 by DeSand Game Studios and will come to PC, VR, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation.

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