Blum Entertainment’s Builders of Greece: Prologue Debuts on Steam

The Blum Entertainment team has announced that their Builders of Greece: Prologue is now available on Steam. The Prologue, being the last major milestone before the release of the full version of the game, was preceded by a playtest attended by over 10,000 players from all over the world.

About Builders of Greece: Prologue

In the Builders of Greece: Prologue, players can immerse themselves in the beautifully recreated golden age of Hellenic city-states and display their strategic and economic mastery. In the Prologue, you will face many challenges, unexpected events, and promising opportunities. Make world-shaping decisions, command your subjects, raise magnificent structures, and make your Polis the most glorious place in the whole ancient world. Builders of Greece: Prologue, being a shortened version of the full game, is a great way to practice your management skills and learn basic game mechanics.

Key Features of Builders of Greece: Prologue:

• Dozens of varied buildings

• Extensive management and decision-making system

• Random events and weather conditions

• Trading, politics, and war systems

• Old-school City Builder gameplay with a modern twist

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