Bandai Namco Releases TEKKEN Saga 8-Bit Video

The TEKKEN franchise is one of the videogame industry’s longest running series encompassing over 20 years of history. This 20-year history also means numerous plot-points within the TEKKEN saga may have been forgotten or lost to the annals of time.

Today, we’re sharing the final part of our TEKKEN 8-bit Cinema video that will get everyone caught up on the drama and twists-and-turns contained within TEKKEN’s long-running storyline. Today’s finale covers TEKKEN history from TEKKEN 4 throughTEKKEN 6 and brings us up to the events that will be resolved in TEKKEN 7. Watch the battles amongst the Mishimas continue, spreading to a new generation as Jin battles Kazyua, while Jinpachi Mishima (Heihachi’s father) joins the action as the secret organizer of the fifth King of Iron Fist tournament.

TEKKEN 7 is available now in the Americas for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PCs via Steam.

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