You would dare purchase a fatality move against me!?!

Mortal Kombat X’s Easy Fatalities Sale

Once, just once, I’d like to be able to see a new game come out without people finding something to complain about.

You would dare purchase a fatality move against me!?!
You would dare purchase a fatality move against me!?!

You all know that if there is something that I find wrong with this industry, I will call out those responsible out on it. Whether it is releasing a half completed game in favor of pushing DLC, or when a game decides they want to gimp one console’s release so they can show favoritism towards another *cough* Destiny *cough,* you will hear from me on the matter.

But then there are times that the criticisms are so absurd that it makes me think that people just want to channel their inner Yahtzees and complain about just about anything.

And that’s what we have today. Case in point: Mortal Kombat X.

Let me get this out of the way right now. I am loving the crap out of Mortal Kombat X. What I have played so far shows that the series has been streamlined for the next generation. It looks amazing, sounds amazing, controls very tight, interactive environments make a nice return from Injustice, and the fatalities, I have to say, are some of the most unique I ever saw in the series. Just when we thought that they were starting to get bad, as we can see below. (ugh, those Heroic Brutalities.)

We then get to Cassie Cage’s second fatality, not to mention Mileena’s. I won’t post them here for spoilers but you can either try to unlock them yourself or look them up on Youtube.

Or, you can do what all the controversy is about. When MKX was released on Tuesday, players found out their account, in addition to the usual Kombat “Koins” that have been around for a while, there were several special tokens at their disposal. It was found that these tokens allowed players to perform “Easy Fatalities,” which consist of holding Block and pressing one of the appropriate punch buttons (as long as they were in the right location to execute the fatalities.) Additional tokens can be purchased at 5 units for one dollar or 30 units for five dollars. Needless to say people are complaining about it, claiming it’s a poor excuse to rip money from gamers.

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To them I say, a fool and their money are soon parted, and I don’t see why they are crying all over this. If you’re a Mortal Kombat veteran like myself you can easily perform the fatalities the way they have always been executed, and once you unlock new ones, they will be added to your move list. Yes these are unlocked via the Krypt, but you know eventually all the moves will be posted on Gamefaqs and you can get them from there. It’s not worth wasting your money on a ploy like this, and it’s not even worth crying about. So lighten up people.

Now as far as the Krypt Unlock feature (which costs $20,) I’m going to call this an exercise in laziness. With the exception of the WWE 2K15 Accelerator (which I only got because I had credit left in my account, thank you Xbox Live Rewards, and I needed all the characters to simulate my online WWE League) I have never purchased an accelerator feature. As far as Mortal Kombat X is concerned, most of my time will be spent playing single player, and with all the features that this game has (Story Mode, Living Towers, Faction War, etc. etc. etc.) I can just build up my Koins that way and not worry about forking over $20 to unlock everything. I’m even willing to go through the Story Mode (which is fantastic, by the way) in order to unlock Shinnok. Yes I will eventually purchase the four DLC characters (Jason Voorhees, Predator, Tanya, and Tremor,) but I have no concern over getting the extra costumes. They too are not worth the money.

So people, stop whining about Mortal Kombat X, and don’t waste your money on the Easy Fatality tokens. Enjoy the game for what it is, and most importantly, it is complete, not gimped on one system or another.

I’m going to end by saying this. Someone compared what is going on with Mortal Kombat X with Street Fighter X Tekken. Let me ask you, did Mortal Kombat X limit characters only to the PS4, in the same way that SFXT made Pac-Man and Mega Man exclusive to the PS3 (even though the characters were on disc, even on the Xbox 360 version?) I didn’t think so. It’s not the same.

In the meantime, I’m going to be building up my fatality collection the old fashioned way…by EARNING it!

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