Eight Impressive Games Coming Soon

I’m going to take a break from my current mini-series to look at a handful of games I didn’t know I was looking forward to until now. I’ll be honest, other than the new Fire Emblem Warriors game coming out, I was not familiar with the release schedule for the rest of the year, and with the current state I’m in need of something to look forward to. So, this will be another column with a list. Sorry all, it’s a habit at this point.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Hindsight looks like it might be just what the doctor ordered. Hindsight is a narrative exploration game. Everyday object can unlock memories used to piece together the story of the main character’s life. From the trailer and website blurb, the game looks like a narrative puzzle. The intense focus on details and fun interactive problem solving can really help your brain to destress as well as increase creativity and improve memory. Unfortunately, Hindsight doesn’t have a set release date. It is currently scheduled to be released sometime this year. Hindsight will be available on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Endling – Extinction is Forever

And now to a depressing game. In Endling, you play as the last mother fox on earth who is trying to protect her three kids in a world utterly devastated by humans. With the worsening climate situation we continue to find ourselves in, I think this game is important. While some people are all too aware of an encroaching doom, large climate reform is still all talk and too little action. I’m looking forward to this game because I really enjoy games where you play as animals. Despite the desolate world, the art is beautiful with a rich color pallet. Endling is set to be released in spring of 2022. Given that it is only spring for a few more months, I would not be surprised if the release gets pushed back. Endling will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


I really don’t know how I’m going to feel about Grotto when I actually start playing it, but the trailer sure makes it look like an acid trip. The characters look trippy, the art style looks trippy, and the story looks trippy. Something about it just fascinates and captivates me. Grotto is another narrative focused game. You play as a mystical soothsayer who reads fortunes from stars and bones. The game will change depending on how you read the fortunes. From the looks of it, your tribe members actions will be largely based on your readings. Grotto is already available on PC, but it will be available basically everywhere else sometime this year: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and iOS.


ProtoCorgi looks like a mashup of old Sonic the Hedgehog levels and old fashion arcade shooters. You play as a Cute Cyber Corgi (you had me at corgi) who is shooting up an alien race to save his kidnapped owner. The promotional material is full of funny cute puns, like bark ‘em up and come to the bark side, that get my tail wagging for the game. Given how much I enjoyed the Zombie Rollerz arcade style game, I’m really looking forward to a corgi vs aliens arcade style game. ProtoCorgi looks to be the first game for developer Kemono Games. Originally set to be released August of last year, the game has been postponed to an unspecified date in 2022. ProtoCorgi will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC.


Tchia looks like a lot, and I am all for it. Tchia is an open world physics-driven sandbox. You can use soul jumping to play as 30+ animals, and also objects as well? Game play footage shows you rolling around as a tire and shooting a oil lamp at a group of people. Or maybe it’s monsters, or pinatas. There is a big explosion, and the playable character shoots the camera a big grin as she glides away. That will certainly be interesting. You can also sail, swim, jump on top of coconut trees and hang glide with a giant leaf parachute. There is also a ukulele mechanic that can affect the world through unlocking different melodies. Towards the end of the trailer, one of the playable character’s eyes turns a lime green color and the intensity ramps up. There’s something interesting going on in this game, and the trailer is such a tease. The art and music are lovely. Tchia is also scheduled to be released in Spring of 2022, so we’ll see if that happens. Tchia will be available on PlayStation 4 and 5 and PC.

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

The trailer for Asterigos: Curse of the Stars reminded me a lot of the story and gameplay of the Horizon series. Yes, the main character has red hair, but it’s more than that. The clothing and weapons have Nordic influences, there are glowing artifacts, and lots of dodge rolling away from giant animal monsters. Despite the uncanny similarities, Asterigos looks to be a wholly unique and intriguing experience. You can fight with a sword and shield, daggers, spear, hammer, staff, or magic bracelets. With so many weapons to choose from, I feel like there might be a class system or RPG element, but nothing looks to be confirmed. This game is actually scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022. Mixing it up now towards the end we are. Asterigos will be available on Play Station 4 & 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC.

Valkyrie Elysium

These last two look to be the latest installments of a larger series which I am not at all familiar with. From what I’ve read, the Valkyrie series was praised for its stunning soundtrack and innovative RPG gameplay. Valkyrie Elysium looks to be continuing with this tradition, even bringing back the composer of the first soundtracks. Valkyrie Elysium gets bonus points for relating to Norse mythology and having a female anime like main character who is more clothed than naked and does not have a bosom busting out of her “shirt.” It also looks like a fun hack and slash game. Valkyrie Elysium is a Square Enix Play Station exclusive that will also be available on PC. It’s set to be released, say it with me now, sometime later this year.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero

The last game on my radar for today is The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero. This is another game series that has a strong fan base. Judging from the high praise in the YouTube comments for the trailer, I think I might try to catch up on the series before the new release. Trails from Zero continues the JRPG series, complete with the familiar orchestral techno soundtracks laid over the trailers. I wasn’t able to find much about the gameplay or story. You are in a large metro area with evil lurking beneath the surface and a hidden person calls out for you to find them. But it’s a JRPG and I saw a giant wolf running through the town square, so I’m in. Trails from Zero is scheduled to be released in late September on the Nintendo Switch, Play Station 4 and PC.

With eight titles to look forward to, I feel like I might have enough to keep me going through the rest of the year. Hopefully you found something new to look forward to as well. Hang in there everybody!

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