Michelle Sayatovich, Reviewer and Columnist

Michelle Sayatovich is just getting into gaming. And although she has not been playing games her whole life, she is really appreciating the games that she finds. Her Fresh Look column will celebrate all things gaming, with an eye towards titles that can be enjoyed by anyone, at any skill level. She wants everyone to know that it’s cool to be a gamer, whether they are hardcore or casual players. Everyone should have fun, be themselves and enjoy being a gamer.

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A Dinosaur-sized MMO Thunders Forward in Path of Titans

People pretty much love dinosaurs, which is why a movie series like Jurassic Park has spawned so many sequels. But it’s rare when we get to see life from a dinosaur’s perspective. That is how the new Path of Titans MMO works, with players starting out their dinosaur characters as eggs and growing them into monstrous thunder lizards – if they survive that long.

Video Games and Their Series and Movie Adaptations Are a Thriving Force in Entertainment

This week, Fresh Look Columnist Michelle Sayatovich takes a look at video games and their adaptations through the decades, and she shares some of her favorite animated ones. She also discusses video game based animated series on Netflix including Castlevania, Dota: Dragon’s Blood, Pokemon, and the very popular Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime series which has driven a million players back into the game itself.

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