Counter-Strike 2 Launches This Summer, Limited CS:GO Player Testing Available Now

After years of anticipation, Valve has officially announced that Counter-Strike 2, the largest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike’s history, will launch in Summer 2023, and is available in Limited Testing to some CS:GO players right now. CS2 is a free upgrade to CS:GO, marking the start of a new era of Counter-Strike on Valve’s Source 2 engine. The game’s full range of new features will be announced at launch, but during the limited testing period we’ll be evaluating a subset of those features to get it ready for the worldwide release. Here’s some of what CS2 will mean for players: … Continue reading Counter-Strike 2 Launches This Summer, Limited CS:GO Player Testing Available Now

The Steam Mystery Fest Is Happening Now

The Steam Mystery Fest is happening now and runs through February 27th! Break out your magnifying glass and join the fest now for a week of discounts, demos, and upcoming releases. Steam Mystery Fest is live now, celebrating mystery and detective games of all kinds for an entire week! From now through February 27th at 10am PST, come find discounts, demos, and more on games (both current and upcoming) that emphasize solving mysteries both big and small. Developers: Valve Software

Steam Base Builder Fest Is Happening Now

Grab your tools and head to the Steam Base Builder Fest, a celebration of games that build. In fact, they’ve built a trailer that will tell you all about it: From now until January 30 at 10am PST, you’ll find deals on current and upcoming base builders with a focus on building habitable spaces, from single dwellings to entire collections of buildings. Head on over to Steam’s main page for Steam Base Builder Fest, going on now through January 30th at 10am PST. Developers: Valve Software Platforms: Steam

Valve Launches $1 Million CS:GO Weapon Skin Design Contest

Valve Software is launching one of the largest art contests ever in gaming with the $1 Million Dreams and Nightmares Content Contest. According to Valve: In short, we are looking for 10 original and shippable, dream-themed weapon finishes for CS:GO. Each of the 10 winning entries will earn $100,000. Beyond submitting your original weapon finish to the CS:GO Workshop, all you need to enter is a non-limited Steam account (with purchase(s) totaling $5 or more). And yes, teams of more than one person can also enter. To help content creators get a better feel for what we’re looking for we’ve … Continue reading Valve Launches $1 Million CS:GO Weapon Skin Design Contest

Valve Launches Steam Discovery Update, Personalized Shopping

Redesigned Steam Home Page Brings Recommendations, Curators, and Customization to the Forefront Valve today launched the Steam Discovery Update, which introduces new functionality and features designed to optimize the Steam shopping experience as the number of new titles on Steam increases. In the past nine months, Steam has added over 1,300 new titles and grown to over 100 million active accounts. Designed to meet the demands of this growth, the Steam Discovery Update delivers a smarter Home page, offering recommendations based on past purchases, recent playtime and recommendations by friends. Steam Search has also been updated with extremely detailed filters. … Continue reading Valve Launches Steam Discovery Update, Personalized Shopping

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