SWTOR Incurs Early Access Rage

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the biggest release of many a year for MMORPG fans. Tuesday, 13 December granted early access to those who had pre-ordered the game, with millions of players expecting to swing their light sabre yesterday. Unfortunately, the mini launch didn’t go smoothly and Bioware forums almost crumbled under the rage hitting some threads. The idea was to offer early access on pre-ordered games to ease the pressure on servers on Day 1, 20 December. Anyone who pre-ordered a copy of SWTOR had to redeem their early access code. Entry to the game would be granted … Continue reading SWTOR Incurs Early Access Rage

Multiplayer Coming to Mass Effect 3

It’s been one of those "we think the game developer doth protest too much" episodes, as BioWare continued to deny rumours of multiplayer action in the next Mass Effect 3. Australian magazine, PowerPlay has finally confirmed that ME3 will have multiplayer. The magazine boasts of a hands-on with the new gameplay, at BioWare’s Edmonton studio. While the promise of multiplayer may please thos CoD types, I’m hoping the singleplayer game won’t be sidelined, as happens all too often. Publishers: EA Games Developers: Bioware Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

SWTOR Release Dated

The most anticipated MMO release of the year, Star Wars:The Old Republic will hit shops in the US on 20 December 2011 with a European launch confirmed for 22 December. BioWare is clearly pitching its big release at the Christmas market, which is a bold move considering the domination of Call of Duty in previous years. SWTOR comes with 30 days free and a choice of subscription packages, starting at $14.99 (£8.99) for one month. Never mind WoW beater, we just want it to be a good Star Wars game. If anyone can do it, BioWare can. Publishers: LucasArts Developers: … Continue reading SWTOR Release Dated

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