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Lovecraftian Cyberpunk Horror Game Transient Slinks to Consoles

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developers Stormling Studios are excited to announce that Transient is releasing on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on December 8th. From the creators of CONARIUM and the DARKNESS WITHIN series, TRANSIENT is a Lovecraftian Cyberpunk thriller. Experience the game like never before in the EXTENDED EDITION. This release includes additional gameplay, a brand-new ending and an assortment of quality-of-life improvements – also available to PC players on Steam via a free update to the 2020 release. Presented in stunning 4K resolution, this ultimate release includes HDR support, additional achievements, multiple saves and enhanced controller … Continue reading Lovecraftian Cyberpunk Horror Game Transient Slinks to Consoles

Shopping Mall Renovator Game Announced

Hyper Studio, part of Gaming Icubator, announces Shopping Mall Renovator – a game where you restore old, dilapidated shopping malls to their former glory. Clean up, redecorate and design the smaller stores in the building and let your imagination run wild by arranging the most exclusive boutiques – not forgetting the neutral areas of the gallery. The game offers many tools, interior design elements and possibilities, thanks to which you can adapt them to the requirements of your tenants, and satisfy the customers of the shopping center with their uniqueness. Remember to pay attention to places such as restaurant points, … Continue reading Shopping Mall Renovator Game Announced

Undying Adds Endless Survival Mode and Zombie Hordes

Undying, the tale of a mother and son striving to survive the zombie apocalypse, is currently available on Steam and Epic Games Store. Today’s major update brings a host of new features and content to the game as we head into Thanksgiving weekend in the US. Survival Mode – Unlocked after players complete Day 30 in the main game, Survival mode plays quite a bit differently as it allows Anling and Cody to last as long as they can in the game world, and deemphasizes the story content. In short, it’s all about survival and thriving in the zombie apocalypse. … Continue reading Undying Adds Endless Survival Mode and Zombie Hordes

They Always Run Gets New Gameplay Trailer

They Always Run, is participating in the Autumn Sale on Steam giving fans 40% Off starting at 10 am PDT Today, Wednesday, November 24th thru November 30th on Steam. Become Aidan, a three-armed mutant who hunts the most dangerous bounties in the galaxy. Catch, slice, dice and destroy enemies in this exciting 2D platformer with a space-western setting. The game also has a new gameplay trailer. Check out our full review of They Always Run. Developers: Alawar Premium

How to Choose Online Casino Banking Options

If you’re like many people, you play online casino games because of their convenience. Yet, depositing and withdrawing money from iGaming platforms doesn’t always feel convenient. Sometimes you can’t find your favorite payment option. Sometimes the fees are high. But for many people, limits and speed are the biggest problems. How do you find the right online casino payment method?   Determine What You Want Nearly every payment company has an Internet presence these days. But depending on your disposition, your casino payment choice might differ. Are you a high roller with a substantial budget? Bank transfer might be your … Continue reading How to Choose Online Casino Banking Options

Aquatics Species Added to Paradox’s Stellaris

Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer with a rising tide, today released the Aquatics Species Pack for Stellaris, available on Steam, GOG, and the Microsoft Store for a suggested price of $9.99 starting today. Additionally, the free 3.2 “Herbert” update from the Stellaris Custodian Team launches today, expanding the base game and improving several previously released expansions. The Aquatics Species Pack will provide fans with a full school of new fishy cosmetics, origins, civics and cosmetics. This expansion is available to fans at a 20% discount for this week, so jump in – the water is fine! Publishers: Paradox Interactive … Continue reading Aquatics Species Added to Paradox’s Stellaris

Postal 4 Early Access Gets Near Final Update

Now comes the anticipated climax with the “FRIDAY” Update for POSTAL 4: No Regerts. The Postal Dude’s long and hard week reaches an explosive end on this final day with new errands, more weapons, and new moves and features to tingle your playtime. In this concluding chapter, The Postal Dude will need to overcome numerous obstacles in order to satisfy “The Boss,’, the powerful and mysterious figure who has surreptitiously orchestrated the events of this week. Put your hole plugging skills to the test as you race to save the dam from flooding the whole damn town, and maybe thwart … Continue reading Postal 4 Early Access Gets Near Final Update

Farming Simulator 22 Ready for Harvest

Let’s farm, and let the good times grow! Farming Simulator 22 is now available on PC and consoles. Developer and publisher GIANTS Software introduces the most extensive agricultural simulation to date, including a multitude of new features. From production chains forming agricultural empires, to crossplay multiplayer. The accompanying launch trailer tells the emotional story of an aspiring new farmer. Farming Simulator 22 enhances the farming experience on every level: Seasonal farming adds (snowy) challenges, production chains more depth, new ground working mechanics more agricultural diversity, and an improved sound design for more immersion. A brand-new build mode and character creation … Continue reading Farming Simulator 22 Ready for Harvest

Warhammer 40,000 Gladius Adeptus Mechanicus DLC Deploys

Slitherine LTD and Proxy Studios are proud to announce that Adeptus Mechanicus, the 9th DLC for the award-winning game Warhammer 40,000 Gladius, is now available on Steam, Slitherine, Epic Games Store, GoG and other digital stores. After the Tyranids, Chaos Space Marines, T’au and Craftworld Aeldari, it’s time to conquer the forsaken planet of Gladius Prime with the new Adeptus Mechanicus faction. The Adeptus Mechanicus are an empire within the Imperium, with their own fanatical purpose – in the name of the Omnissiah they seek to rediscover ancient and powerful technologies. Jealous guardians of the knowledge required to maintain and … Continue reading Warhammer 40,000 Gladius Adeptus Mechanicus DLC Deploys

Steam Announces Dreams and Nightmares Design Winners

Today the winners of the $1 Million Dreams and Nightmares Content Contest for CS:GO, one of the largest art contests ever in gaming (and perhaps technology in general), have been announced – with an additional seven winners selected, bringing the grand total prize pool to $1.7 mil (US). The contest saw over 15,000 submissions from artists and/or art teams from around the world. The winners will be awarded $100,000 each for the original and playable, dream-themed items made and submitted to the CS:GO Workshop. The winning 17 items were produced by a collection of 24 artists, some working as individuals … Continue reading Steam Announces Dreams and Nightmares Design Winners

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