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Chella Ramanan is our European Correspondent. In her EuroFiles column, the super-sleuth will let us know what’s going on in Europe and the industry in general.

Simple Pleasures

A black screen and one white line – gaming doesn't get much simpler than that. Minimalist and surreal by design, vib-ribbon is a masterpiece of simplicity. Here is a game that takes the best elements of gaming and distils them to make Essence of Gaming. No, not a new fragrance by Chanel, but an embodiment of everything that's good about games. If you didn't think gaming could be more pared down than Rez, think again. Vib-ribbon is one of those games I always fancied, but never got round to buying. Of course by the time I did get round to … Continue reading Simple Pleasures

Christmas Buildup

The build-up to Christmas was a bittersweet pill, dear play chums. The final episode of the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer played on terrestrial TV. All of a sudden, a lifetime of Thursday evenings stretched before me, with nothing to fill them. To ease the loss of one of pop culture's finest; I have started collecting the DVD box sets. Although it is a welcome distraction, I know there are only so many episodes I've missed and once I've watched all the commentaries"I'll be sans Buffy again. Fortunately, I have a burgeoning stack of games to take my … Continue reading Christmas Buildup

Best of the Year

Well, dear Play chums, another year has passed and another Christmas looms. My seasonal shopping and present wrapping has been done, but the spirit of Christmas has yet to take hold. The endurance test that is the office Christmas party takes place this Friday, which got me thinking about people I'd actually like to have Christmas dinner with. So, to save you from the lamentable Christmas round-up, I have selected a list of game characters and industry personalities to grace the ultimate seasonal get together. First of all we must have rules. No characters from licensed games, so no Tony … Continue reading Best of the Year

Console War, UK Style

Whilst you lot were chomping on your Thanksgiving turkey in America, a war was raging in the UK. The gloves are off and the battle for second place has begun. The console war has just taken a turn for the bloodier. Christmas is looming and the kids and young at heart are getting their best stationary out to write that all important letter to Santa. Sony is currently the console equivalent of the Christmas fairy, sitting pretty at the top of the tree. Meanwhile, a cut-throat tussle for Sony's scraps has ensued at the bottom of the tree and it … Continue reading Console War, UK Style

Has Hardcore Gone Soft?

‘Mainstream' is a dirty word in the world of gaming. Call someone a ‘casual' gamer and that's tantamount to fighting talk. Casual gamers buy FIFA instead of Pro Evolution Soccer and think movie licenses are a guarantee of quality. They are the sole reason that the rest of us have to endure sequel after sequel of mediocre platformers and Bond games that aren't Goldeneye. Why buy Rez when you can play another driving game? That's what the casual gamer thinks. Then they download all the cheats and use the walk-though like a step by step instruction manual. I mean, how … Continue reading Has Hardcore Gone Soft?

Point And Click FOREVER

Point and click adventure games are dead! Or so Charles Cecil would have us believe, if his opening statement at the ECTS 2002 press conference is to be believed. This only holds only any significance if you know that Charles Cecil is the creator of point and click greats such as the Broken Sword series. When it comes to mastery of an engaging narrative driven game, Charles, or Mr Cecil is the king. Nevertheless, I must protest and declare that Charles is wrong. Now, this is not something I take lightly, believe me. Here is a man who has single-handedly … Continue reading Point And Click FOREVER

Nintendo Throws In The Towel?

In the last couple of weeks Nintendo has come to a brave decision. In a Robin Hood style gesture, the big N has decided to take from the rich and give to the poor. Yes, Nintendo is effectively giving away the GameCube. This is less a gesture of goodwill and more a sad sign of desperation. At the new price point of around £79, the GameCube is cheaper than the Game Boy Advance SP – er, that's a handheld, in case you'd forgotten. Nintendo is on the verge of doing a three for the price of two deal. Buy two … Continue reading Nintendo Throws In The Towel?

Sexy Gamers?!? has begun its search for the UK's sexiest gamer, according to this week's press release. It is this revelation that has brought me to wondering whether this is just the modern day search for the Holy Grail. Are gamers sexy? And if we are, what are the implications, if any? It is kind of like searching for the world's sexiest comic book shop owner. I guess there could be a sexy one somewhere, but do we really need to know!? Apparently, contestants of's illustrious competition will be put through rigorous testing to prove that they are "genuine computer … Continue reading Sexy Gamers?!?

American Holiday

You'll have to excuse me if sense eludes me this week, but I'm suffering from jet lag. ECTS wore me out, but fortunately I had a ten day holiday to the USA planned. Although relaxation wasn't really on the agenda, it was a welcome break for my brain and my ailing thumb. First stop was Washington DC for my best friend's wedding and some time with my cousins. No sooner were we inside my uncle's house than we were taken to behold a thing of wonder. This is the stuff of legend – a tricked out Xbox worthy of The … Continue reading American Holiday

Chella On Injured Reserve?

Hi gang. Welcome to the playpen. Unfortunately your favorite playmate has been hit with a terrible malady! Even now, as I write these very words I am risking everything. A cruel twist of fate has rendered my right thumb almost completely useless. And let me tell you, the implications this can have for a gamer are far-reaching and cannot be over-estimated. My thumb is a victim of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). No, this isn't some kind of divine intervention sending a plague upon my house for excessive gaming. And I'm not even mourning the death of my firstborn. This particular … Continue reading Chella On Injured Reserve?

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