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Betting on eSports vs Playing Mobile Slots

There are many ways to gamble these days, especially online. Mobile gambling sites have come up with all sorts of games and methods of betting to attract as many people as possible. One such new kind of gambling entertainment is called eSports betting. It’s like the regular sports betting you may find at any bookie, except it’s all about video games instead of sports. If you’re new to this, a natural question might arise: “Should I give it a try?” In this article, we will try to compare it to the most popular games at virtual casinos – mobile slots. … Continue reading Betting on eSports vs Playing Mobile Slots

Lovecraftian Sinking City Gets New Gameplay Developer Video

Bigben and Frogwares studio are pleased to release a gameplay video showing A Delicate Matter, a mission from The Sinking City that can be started a few hours into the game. The video shows how the main investigation mechanics work. During this mission, Mr. Throgmorthon, head of one of the leading families in Oakmont, asks Charles to look into a delicate matter: a receiver of stolen art has disappeared just before closing the sale of a valuable item, and Throgmorthon wants it back at all costs. As the investigation unfolds, the player finds out that the story is far more … Continue reading Lovecraftian Sinking City Gets New Gameplay Developer Video

World War Z Reveals Post-Launch Content Roadmap

Saber Interactive, in partnership with Focus Home Interactive, has announced the first phase in its post-launch content roadmap for World War Z, the action-packed co-op shooter inspired by Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster film. After celebrating more than 1 million units sold in its first week of launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC via the Epic Games Store, the World War Z team is moving forward to deliver new gameplay, features and improvements to the game month to month. In May, a brand-new mission set in Tokyo will drop alongside a terrifying zombie type that spits a deadly virus … Continue reading World War Z Reveals Post-Launch Content Roadmap

PlayWay’s UBOAT Sim Sails to Steam Early Access

The World War II Uboat simulator UBOAT from developer Deep Water Studio and publisher PlayWay has debuted on Steam in early access. The game was a number one best seller at launch. It’s steam page is at: Check out the game’s launch trailer to see how intense the underwater battles can be: The full game is expected to release sometime in 2020. Publishers: PlayWay S.A. Developers: Deep Water Studio Platforms: Steam

Capcom Combines Esports and Media Licensing Business

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced a restructuring of its esports and media licensing business units. The new entity, dubbed Capcom Media Ventures (CMV), formed on March 1, 2019 and manages all of the company’s global esports initiatives outside of Japan including Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) and Street Fighter League (SFL) as well as Capcom’s entertainment licensing efforts. “Los Angeles has become a major hub for esports production and it’s one of the global centers of Street Fighter fandom,” said Midori Yuasa, CEO, Capcom Media Ventures. “Our presence in the city gives us intimate … Continue reading Capcom Combines Esports and Media Licensing Business

Millennials Gamers Changing the Casino Landscape

The casino industry is facing a new challenge: how to get millennial gamers through the doors and entice them to play their games. It seems that this generation of 18 to 35 year olds are not quite as willing to play games purely for the chance of winning money. That’s not to say that they don’t still make up a large percentage of players, but they just don’t play games in the same way. Millennials vs Gen Xs The biggest difference between millennial gamers and Generation X gamers is the way they use technology. Millennials go hand in hand with … Continue reading Millennials Gamers Changing the Casino Landscape

ANNO 1800 Becomes Top Selling Series Title

Today, Ubisoft announced that Anno 1800, the latest installment from the successful city-building and strategic franchise, is the fastest-selling Anno game to date. In addition, Ubisoft revealed that, during its first week of launch, Anno 1800 was sold four times more than the previous opus Anno 2205 in its first week. Anno 1800 launched worldwide on April 16 on Windows PC. Rich with technological innovations, conspiracies, and constantly fluctuating allegiances, the 19th century is the perfect setting for classic Anno gameplay. Developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte, Anno 1800 provides players with countless opportunities to prove their skills as a ruler. … Continue reading ANNO 1800 Becomes Top Selling Series Title


MARVEL Strike Force is kicking off its newest update with the arrival of the Avengers. The fearless Falcon is the first superhero to soar his way into the latest update and enter the MARVEL Strike Force universe. Outfitted with the Stark-upgraded EXO-7 Wingsuit, Falcon is a Blaster for the Power Armor Team. He gains big advantages in the new Alliance War game mode that allow him to tear through enemy defenses and bust Tank Protectors. Additionally, Strike Force Commanders can feast their eyes on a new in-game model for the Hulk. Featuring an updated look, players can utilize Hulk’s limitless … Continue reading Avengers Fly Into MARVEL STRIKE FORCE

How old favorites have transitioned into the digital gaming age

Gaming dates back centuries, and there’s a long history both in America and beyond of using play as a way to bring people together. From packs of cards to arcade favorites and everything in between, traditional games played important roles in many people’s childhoods. While at first glance, the arrival of the digital age might seem like a nail in the coffin of these traditional games, that’s not the case. Everything from board games to brain teasers have been transplanted into app and online gaming forms now – and with so many options to pick from, games developers have become … Continue reading How old favorites have transitioned into the digital gaming age

Project Nimbus: Complete Edition Bringing Mech Combat to Switch

Japanese publisher GameTomo is very proud to announce the release date for Project Nimbus: Complete Edition on the Nintendo Switch. The anime-inspired mech combat game is slated for a May 16th worldwide release on the Switch. This version of the game includes new content never-before-seen in the United States and Europe, sure to please Western fans of high-speed robot action. Project Nimbus: Complete Edition is the latest version of the cult mecha game, originally designed and developed by GameCrafterTeam and GameTomo. This version features the original’s full story and combat alongside new modes that had previously not made it to … Continue reading Project Nimbus: Complete Edition Bringing Mech Combat to Switch

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