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Betting on eSports vs Playing Mobile Slots

There are many ways to gamble these days, especially online. Mobile gambling sites have come up with all sorts of games and methods of betting to attract as many people as possible.

One such new kind of gambling entertainment is called eSports betting. It’s like the regular sports betting you may find at any bookie, except it’s all about video games instead of sports.

If you’re new to this, a natural question might arise: “Should I give it a try?”

In this article, we will try to compare it to the most popular games at virtual casinos – mobile slots. Which kind of gambling is better and why? Is eSports for you or should you rather stick to slots?

Let’s find out.

eSports vs Slots

First, let’s see what each type of casino betting has to offer. Afterwards, we will compare the results and give you an answer as a conclusion. Let’s start off with the e-sports.

All About eSports Betting

eSports betting involves multiplayer video games. Usually, teams of players compete in the most popular video game matches. The spectators online or in real-life events can then gamble on the outcome of the match.

Like with the usual sportsbook, or the online USA casino sites at there are many betting markets available. This greatly depends on the game as each one has different rules. This is obviously a huge fun for people who enjoy watching the matches or playing the games themselves.

eSports betting adds much more excitement to the tournaments. Thus, it’s just as fun as sports betting is. Besides, knowing about the teams, their history, play styles and game rules, makes it easier to win. So, it’s not all about luck.

Why People Love Mobile Slots

It’s not betting that dominates the online gambling industry, though. The UK’s best mobile casinos focus on slots, with around 80% of all gambling software online being slot games.

There are also some great free slots on the web in ZA via

This number speaks a lot about their popularity. There are good reasons why these games are preferred by the customer too:

  1. They’re very easy to play
  2. They require no skill (anyone can win)
  3. Jackpots offer huge winnings
  4. Frequent in-game bonuses are very exciting

All these reasons easily beat table games which require knowledge, skill, have complex strategies and no exciting bonuses. But the question is, how do slots compare to eSports?

Which Is Better?

Our conclusion is that you’re more likely to enjoy slots for fun. The fact is, slot games (and the variety of themes they offer) are great for almost everyone.

When it comes to eSports, however, not that many people will enjoy it. To have fun by betting on these video game competitions, you need to like video gaming in the first place.

If you don’t, there’s a good chance that this new type of betting won’t appeal to you as much as slots. On the other hand, if you haven’t found a mobile slot machine that you like, you probably just didn’t look hard enough.

On a side note, we aren’t saying that you can’t enjoy both. These gambling methods are different, but each has its own unique advantages.

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