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How old favorites have transitioned into the digital gaming age

Gaming dates back centuries, and there’s a long history both in America and beyond of using play as a way to bring people together. From packs of cards to arcade favorites and everything in between, traditional games played important roles in many people’s childhoods. While at first glance, the arrival of the digital age might seem like a nail in the coffin of these traditional games, that’s not the case. Everything from board games to brain teasers have been transplanted into app and online gaming forms now – and with so many options to pick from, games developers have become … Continue reading How old favorites have transitioned into the digital gaming age

Project Nimbus: Complete Edition Bringing Mech Combat to Switch

Japanese publisher GameTomo is very proud to announce the release date for Project Nimbus: Complete Edition on the Nintendo Switch. The anime-inspired mech combat game is slated for a May 16th worldwide release on the Switch. This version of the game includes new content never-before-seen in the United States and Europe, sure to please Western fans of high-speed robot action. Project Nimbus: Complete Edition is the latest version of the cult mecha game, originally designed and developed by GameCrafterTeam and GameTomo. This version features the original’s full story and combat alongside new modes that had previously not made it to … Continue reading Project Nimbus: Complete Edition Bringing Mech Combat to Switch

Imperator: Rome Available Now

Alexander is dead, and his generals now fight over his legacy and empire. To the east, Chandragupta has established dominion over much of India. To the west, the commercial republic of Carthage and martial republic of Rome are on a collision course for control of their half of the Mediterranean. And, far from the cities of coastal empires, fierce tribes of what the Greeks call “barbarians” follow their own paths. Get ready to dive into the epic conquests and geopolitical drama of the classical world in Imperator: Rome, a new grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio available now for … Continue reading Imperator: Rome Available Now

European Streamers Explore Alternative Income

Since the advent of Twitch in 2011, game streaming has become a lucrative business. By 2018, the platform had 2.2 million active broadcasters, and 15 million daily active users. This has helped some streamers become incredibly successful, but it has also seen the level of competition between them rise massively. For this reason, streamers often seek to earn alternative income while broadcasting. One of the main methods of doing this is through affiliate marketing for online casinos. Of course, while doing this they also have the opportunity to win on the games. If there is one thing that Twitch has … Continue reading European Streamers Explore Alternative Income

Frostpunk Sells 1.4 Million PC Copies Since Release

11 bit studios have had an immensely successful run over the past few years and are proud to announce that their hit title, Frostpunk has sold over 1.4 million copies on PC. Recently announced to be coming to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this summer, let’s take a look at how Frostpunk has become one of 11 bit studios’ crowning achievements. Editor’s Note: Check out Frostpunk and their 2019 PC Game of the Year win! A grim society simulator and post-apocalyptic city-builder in one, Frostpunk was released exactly one year ago today, on April 24, 2018. In celebration … Continue reading Frostpunk Sells 1.4 Million PC Copies Since Release

Black Desert MMO 2019 Roadmap Revealed

Today Pearl Abyss has announced the Black Desert Online roadmap that will introduce a host of new content and activities to the popular MMORPG in the 2nd quarter of 2019. Players can look forward to interesting areas to explore, fiery mounts to ride, new weapons to wield and a brand new PvE experience that will enthrall the community as a whole. Although the exact dates are to be confirmed, Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games are planning to bring the following content to Western audiences before the end of this quarter. • Doom, a new hellish Dream Horse that will only … Continue reading Black Desert MMO 2019 Roadmap Revealed

Why Do We Get Addicted To Football Manager?

This is, admittedly an article more for our European readers than our American audience. If you’re not familiar with the ‘Football Manager’ series, its fantastic and yet incredibly frustrating game mechanics, and the concept of staying up until 4 am playing ‘just one more match,’ then look away now. If you know exactly what we’re talking about, though, read on. We’re going to explore your psyche! The 2018/2019 football season is very nearly over. Shortly, everyone will know who won or lost each trophy in every major footballing nation in the world, teams will have been relegated, teams will have … Continue reading Why Do We Get Addicted To Football Manager?

How to Earn Money from Affiliate Programs

Everyone wants to earn a passive income. It’s easy money and let’s face it, who actually wants to work for their cash, right? Affiliate marketing is done by tons of different companies for one main reason: it works. Let’s use an example. Fortnite, the worldwide phenomenon, has taken over the kids, teens, and young adults. It’s free to play and some of the internet’s biggest streamers/content creators use it for content. Back when it wasn’t as popular as it is today, Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, was making use of affiliate marketing by providing their most popular streamers affiliate … Continue reading How to Earn Money from Affiliate Programs

BATTLETECH Urban Warfare DLC Coming Soon

Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes today unveiled details for the next big thing to hit BATTLETECH this summer. Urban Warfare will bring ‘Mech combat to the vast cityscapes of 3025. With electronic warfare, large-scale building destruction, environmental mechanics, new enemy units and more, the urban sprawl will be a whole new battlefield on June 4th, BATTLETECH: Urban Warfare is available for preorder now at the SRP of $19.99 and is also available in the BATTLETECH Season pass. City combat is center stage in this expansion, introducing new street features including blocked lines of sight, collateral damage rules, and all sorts … Continue reading BATTLETECH Urban Warfare DLC Coming Soon

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