European Streamers Explore Alternative Income

Since the advent of Twitch in 2011, game streaming has become a lucrative business. By 2018, the platform had 2.2 million active broadcasters, and 15 million daily active users. This has helped some streamers become incredibly successful, but it has also seen the level of competition between them rise massively. For this reason, streamers often seek to earn alternative income while broadcasting. One of the main methods of doing this is through affiliate marketing for online casinos. Of course, while doing this they also have the opportunity to win on the games.

If there is one thing that Twitch has taught the gaming industry, it’s that there’s an audience out there for any game. Even the most niche titles have streamers playing them and viewers that want to watch them. With iGaming being one of the most lucrative sectors out there, and the online casino industry worth $45.8 billion in 2017, there are plenty of streamers playing the games. The titles are simple and don’t involve much skill-based play, but because the graphics and side-games of slots are so detailed now it can be fun to watch. Indeed, as online casinos have been on the rise, so to have streamers playing the games.

Simply playing casino games constantly and streaming them may not be the most profitable business, though. Because there is a large element of chance involved with the games, streamers could end up in the red if they only played using their own money. Because of this, players have worked out other ways to play the games which will always keep them in profit.

One of the biggest online casino streaming communities is CasinoGrounds, where there are well-known slots streamers like Jamjarboy, K_Blackwood, and Casinoreggie. Many of these players do affiliate marketing on the side and have deals with some of the best online casinos such as LeoVegas, Dunder, and Rizk. By playing games from these casinos and posting links to the signing up pages, streamers can earn commission based on how many players sign up through their link. This is a great way for streamers to make extra earnings, but it is also a wise move for online casinos who need to do everything in their power to stay ahead of the competition.

Casino streamers also try to make money by taking advantage of the many online casino offers out there. One of the main aims of these casino streams is to make players aware of certain promotions like free spins, and sometimes there are big wins to be had from taking these. However, players should remember that when they win anything from free plays, there are wagering requirements to fulfil before any winnings can be withdrawn.

The fact that online casino streamers are able to add extra earnings that don’t come directly from viewership means that this is a lucrative option for anyone wanting to get into streaming. Joining a bustling streaming community is a good way to get started.

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