Gaijin Records Real Tank Sounds For War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment Collaborated with Museums Around the World to Capture and Precisely Reproduce the Sounds that WWII Tanks Made While Engaged In Deadly Battle. Ground Forces Expansion will provide gamers with even more real life action thanks to the effort and commitment by Gaijin Entertainment to ensure that gamers get the most realistic experience with the sounds of real World War II tanks discharged during battle. Similar to the process implemented by Gaijin Entertainment’s sound design team for all of the action sounds in War Thunder to date, which recently won Gamescom’s ‘Best Simulation Game award’, the team again set … Continue reading Gaijin Records Real Tank Sounds For War Thunder

WWII Combat MMO War Thunder Enters Open Beta

Gaijin Entertainment, the developer and publisher of the upcoming World War II combat MMO War Thunder, is proud to announce the start of the game’s open beta test in Europe, North America, and South America. This announcement comes a few weeks after the open beta began in Russia. ‘After four years of working on War Thunder, we’re sincerely happy that we can finally present it to the gaming community all over the world,’ says Kirill Yudintsev, Creative Director of Gaijin Entertainment. ‘Every stage of the development, and every update, brings us closer to the goal we’ve established for War Thunder: … Continue reading WWII Combat MMO War Thunder Enters Open Beta

Dance Magic To Cast Spell Over PS3

Gaijin Entertainment is announcing that Dance Magic – a new, high-energy motion game for PlayStation 3 – is on the verge of release. Starting January 8, North American players will be able to buy Dance Magic from the PlayStation Network. There’s no question that motion is a sign of life. In Dance Magic, all of the Earth’s people are not only dancers, but also warriors fighting for peace. The people have developed Dance Magic, a new form of biological energy that can be realized only by dancing. It has become the world’s most powerful weapon, capable of incredible good as … Continue reading Dance Magic To Cast Spell Over PS3

Star Conflict MMO Looking For Testers

On the eve of World Cosmonautics Day Gaijin Entertainment is especially glad to announce the launch of the closed beta test for Star Conflict, an upcoming game developed by Star Gem, Inc that created one more present for players – it’s hidden in the game. First warriors of the intergalactic battle gained an access to dozens of combat spaceships and hundreds of modules for their upgrade – the variety of available items and equipment will continuously increase to provide players with new surprising technologies, inventions, and skills. Even though the project is still in development, the combat, character, and equipment … Continue reading Star Conflict MMO Looking For Testers

Gaijin Entertainment Making Android Games

Gaijin Entertainment, an award-winning developer and publisher of multiplatform video games, is announcing that they will start releasing games for Android. The company’s first Android releases, real-time strategy game Modern Conflict and social game Gomoku With Pals, are now available as free downloads from Android Market. Modern Conflict brings Gaijin’s acclaimed iPhone / iPad war game to Android. In this real-time strategy game, players compete in combat missions across America, Russia, and China using simple but addictive touch controls. Tap to select units, then tap to send them into battle. Repeat until you win! The free-to-play Modern Conflict is available … Continue reading Gaijin Entertainment Making Android Games

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