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Chella Ramanan is our European Correspondent. In her EuroFiles column, the super-sleuth will let us know what’s going on in Europe and the industry in general.

Two Hearts, Beat As One

Back to back, surrounded by fiends on every side – co-operative play is the only way to go down. Cue Butch and Sundance style sepia-toned freeze frame, for that added element of pathos. Yep, if you're gonna go, then it's best to go side by side with a fellow gamer. Let's face it, co-operative gaming is the future. Halo opened my eyes to the power of co-operative play and its ability to make levels endlessly replayable. Hours and hours are lost covering each other's backs and taking point whilst your partner takes out enemies strategically. Of course, you can opt … Continue reading Two Hearts, Beat As One

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