War, what is it good for?

As we enter the next next generation, it's time to ponder things gone by. It's also a time for looking ahead and contemplating things to come. With all this new technology at our fingertips and the promise of the new, exciting and innovative it would be a shame to be served up the same old same old. Surely we've had enough war games (of any period) to last a lifetime. The science fiction, horror and espionage/thriller genres are also thoroughly over subscribed, so I say it's time for something new. After all, what's the point of going next gen if we just get the same but prettier!?

This year we've had more than our fair share of gangster games. The Godfather was followed by Scarface and they both followed the GTA series and The Getaway. The industry has plundered Hollywood once again, but it's still plundering in a rather restricted area.

Sit for a moment dear play chums and consider the vast subject matter covered by even mainstream Hollywood. Then consider the genres we gamers have to make do with. It's just not good enough. There's a multitude of genres we have yet to enjoy in a gaming experience.

We've had sword and sorcery, high fantasy and even a couple of forays into the western. However, where's the romantic comedy in our gaming hall of fame? I guess Leisure Suit Larry is the closest we get to that, or maybe that's more the American Pie of the gaming world. But where's our Jennifer Anniston or Reese Witherspoon?

Now, before you shoot me down in flames, I'm not saying I want Reese to grace my 360, just that it would be nice to have the choice. At the moment, gaming is more of a ‘you'll get what's given to you and you'll like it' situation, rather than, ‘would you like to try some of this, then perhaps sir or madam would prefer this'.

A bit of costume drama wouldn't go amiss either. I'm sure Merchant Ivory wouldn't have gone under if they'd signed up with a few games publishers. I can just see ‘A Room with a View' or ‘A Passage to India' wooing the Women's Institute into the way of the gamer.

Jane Austen was cutting edge at her time, so why not dress up the DOA girls in empire line dresses, a few ringlets and some matchmaking tea parties. It's better than cavorting around in their smalls playing volleyball – much more refined. And Mr Darcy could give Snake Pliskin a run for his money with the ladies, that's for sure.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to go from a Mike Leigh style kitchen sink drama to the heady heights of a Bollywood epic, with full-scale dance numbers and motorbike chases. And where's the romance in gaming? We've covered Leisure Suit Larry, so let's not go there again. No, I want Wuthering Heights or Casablanca, but the closest we get to romance is the bittersweet snipes between George Stobbart and Nico or the simpering from Rose in Metal Gear. It's hardly bodice-ripping is it? The closest we get to a fluttering pulse is hoping a door doesn't open in Silent Hill 16.

I also think a lot could be said for bringing The Littlest Hobo to the gaming world. Lassie would be a bit too saccharine for my taste, but I think there's room for a couple of animal stars. Hell, while we're at it let's get Benji out for old time's sake.

Film noir has been strangely overlooked in the gaming world. Max Payne took elements I suppose with an emphasis on the shooting. If you think about it we've never been given a Phillip Marlow or a femme fatale to rival Lauren Bacall. Who wouldn't want to play a private eye with a cigarette spot-welded to his bottom lip, swapping witty and biting double entendres with a sultry brunette in a satin pencil skirt and a wide-brim hat hiding all but her scarlet lips? You'd be crazy if you didn't want to inhabit that world. So where is it? Give it to us now.

I want medieval jousting competitions and Robin Hood-style universes where archery contests win you favour with ladies and socialists. Apart from Dark Age of Camelot the Arthurian legend has been largely unexplored. And what about a bit of Hitchcockian suspense? Ooh and let's throw in some Ingmar Bergmanesque dwelling on time, death and memory.

The games industry has left many movie stones left unturned and now's as good a time as any to bring us something new and interesting. If we want to be up there with art and literature we have to start delivering more than just kill the alien, shoot the baddies style gaming. Am I the only person that wants to see Zoolander or DodgeBall come to a console near you?

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Most wanted: Assassin's Creed

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